4 best military installations for nature lovers

Jessica Evans
Jul 7, 2022 11:37 AM PDT
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4 best military installations for nature lovers


Getting your first choice on your PCS wish list is about as likely as winning the lottery or getting struck…

Getting your first choice on your PCS wish list is about as likely as winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning. But if you're one of the fortunate ones among us and you happen to land at one of these four installations, consider yourself touched by the gods. No, really. Especially for nature lovers, these four duty stations will have you rethinking only doing 20 and getting out.

Fort Carson

Situated at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs, Army installation Fort Carson is a dream for lovers of the great outdoors. First of all, the area is packed with jaw-dropping mountain views and some of the most gorgeous hikes in the country. Not to mention, there's so much more that this post has to offer! Hello, whitewater rafting! Good to see you extensive mountain climbing opportunities galore. If you arrive single, Fort Carson has got you covered with Better Opportunity for Single Soldiers (BOSS). BOSS is an organization where soldiers can sign up to embark on leisure adventures together. Find out all Fort Carson has to offer here.

One of the entrance signs at Fort Carson. (Wikipedia)

Naval Base Kitsap is a stunning location, nestled on the Kitsap Peninsula in the great state of Washington. A famed region for rain, you can count on a lush and green environment all year. On a clear day, you will easily catch a glimpse of the snow-capped peaks of both the Olympic and Cascade Mountains right from the base. And if you want to head out it exploring the trails, you won’t have to go far. Being right on the Puget Sound means you’ll have water activities at your fingertips, too. Nature-loving sailors are in luck, as Kitsap is among the largest Naval bases in the country. This means you’ll have a pretty good chance of getting stationed here.

Naval Air Station Pensacola is a joint base on the beautiful coastal panhandle of the Sunshine State. For any beach-lover out there, this installation is the perfect place to land. The base itself has its own private, white-sand beach looking straight out into the Gulf of Mexico. But wait, there's more! (As if being on base with a private beach wasn’t good enough!) Despite being on one of the most beautiful coastlines in the country, Pensacola also happens to be a very affordable place to live. What more could you ask for?

An aerial view of NAS Pensacola. (Wikipedia)

The Florida Keys are just about any beach lover’s dream vacation, and Naval Air Station Key West is located on the very last Key. Year-round tropical weather, soft white sand beaches, and stunning turquoise seas make this joint installation among the most coveted in the country. If you’re a water-sports enthusiast, you’ll be living in your own personal paradise stationed here. There’s all the diving, snorkeling, and fishing to fill your seaward heart’s greatest desires.

A US Navy F-5N Tiger II of VFC-111 takes off from its home at NAS Key West during November 2020.

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