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Pros and Cons of investing near a military installation

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If you’re PCSing all the time, you’ve probably thought about investing near a military installation. After all, you know first-hand that there are plenty of new residents all the time. But should you invest near one? This episode of From Military to Millionaire breaks it down.

The Pros

Investing near military bases has pros and cons. One of the pros is that having military tenants is ideal. You know they’re going to pay rent. On the off chance that they don’t pay, you can contact their command to make sure it gets paid. Plus, they’re generally clean and orderly people. You won’t have to worry about them destroying your property. Another benefit is that military bases have the potential to grow. A growing population means the market increases. This provides landlords a great opportunity.

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The Cons

On the flip side, military tenants are not long-term tenants. After two or three years, they’ll likely be re-stationed, and you’ll have to find a new tenant again. Also, military tenants can break their lease early without a penalty if they get orders to go elsewhere. Another downside is that appreciation is often slower around military bases than in other areas because salaries don’t usually outpace inflation. Perhaps the biggest con is that military bases can close or shrink. Without a base, the market might not be able to support your investment.

The Takeaway

Before investing, talk to your personnel office to see how the base’s future looks.

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