This is why China is downplaying the threat the Taliban poses

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Chinese Communist Party is the founding and ruling political party of China. (Public domain)

After the withdrawal of US armed forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban made statements claiming that their main goal currently is to enforce peace in the country. Being an immediate neighbor to Afghanistan, China must straighten its relation with the Taliban. While China is equipped with defensive armory, it fears it can be a challenge to stop the Taliban from revolting on its borders. Furthermore, if the Taliban succeeds, it might trigger internal terror attacks in China’s mainland.

China’s state councilor and foreign minister held a meeting with the Afghan Taliban Political Commission leader, intending to set things straight between the two countries. Wang Yi acknowledged that China has always recognized and respected Afghanistan as an independent state, which is why the Chinese never interfered with their internal affairs. Over the years, China pursued a friendly policy to Afghanistan and has kept the promise. China openly supports the illegal Taliban government that has attacked our troops and is providing aid to our enemy. How long was this ‘always’ that the Chinese foreign minister stated has been going on? Was this support active when I was searching for IEDs? Did China support the Taliban while your friends were ambushed? Did the Chinese support the war crimes against our allies? America needs answers.

Wang Yi. (Public domain)

The Chinese criticized the US government for meddling in Afghanistan’s political affairs. China stated in a report that the withdrawal of soldiers from Afghanistan depicted a failed mission and inability to impose the US policy in Afghanistan. In his speech, Wang Yi designated that the Taliban is a vital military and political body in Afghanistan and should be allowed to exercise its authority. He urged the people of Afghan to unite as one and find a common goal. One that will lead to prosperity, good reputation, peace enforcement and economic development.

Now that the people of Afghanistan want a better future, China has urged them to join hands in curbing terrorist groups such as ETIM. This is a common responsibility for all governments because such groups have jeopardized many lives in the past. With the Taliban’s help in eradicating terrorist groups from Afghanistan, they will enhance security, promote stability, and play a positive role in its development. These are things we’ve all heard before now with different wrapping paper.

Undoubtedly, the Taliban appears to be focused on peace realization and looks forward to working with other parties that share the same goal. The Taliban’s representative, Baradar, stressed that they were grateful for China’s support towards their peace enhancement mission. He also thanked the Chinese for always being a reliable friend to Afghanistan in times of need. The Taliban hopes that China will continue to help them realize their dream of becoming a peaceful nation. Afghanistan needs to establish peaceful relations with neighboring and international states for the benefit of all. 

Taliban police patrolling the streets of Herat in a pick-up truck.

In addition, the Taliban expressed they would take steps toward creating an enabling environment for investment and business development. For China, the Taliban ruling the Afghan people is a win but also a risk. If anything were to go wrong and the Taliban could not control other groups in the country, it would mean a terror attack on China’s borders

On the other hand, if the Taliban will manage the country appropriately and control the factions and ethnic groups as planned, China’s borders will be safe. Yet, we know firsthand the Taliban will not honor even the most moderate of concessions in the name of good will. Their illegal politicians have no authority over the terror cells on the ground. The inability for commanders to control their own men within the capital is questionable, even less in the rural areas of the country. Reports state that the Taliban’s senior leaders had already made advancements laying diplomatic grounds with the Chinese are a sign of the CCP getting on their knees. Of course, the irony that China is trying to make friends with an extremist group from a neighboring country while using autocratic strategies to deal with those from its mainland has not gone unnoticed. China is just buying time to build up its defenses before the hoard tears down its wall once again.