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9 hilarious responses to Pitbull’s absurd Memorial Day tweet

So yeah, celebrities are as susceptible as any other civilian for confusing Memorial Day and Veterans Day. After pointing out the difference, it’s best to just let it go…with most people. Every now and then, some tone-deaf stuff comes from a celebrity social media account.

Forget Ivanka Trump’s champagne popsicles and stay silent on Ariel Winter’s bikini photo tribute to America’s fallen because Mr. Worldwide definitely took the cake on Memorial Day 2017.


Yes, that’s a tweet a musician with 24.4 million followers actually tweeted to all of them on Memorial Day 2017. Not to be outdone, Twitter let him know he done wrong.

Not enough to make him want to take it down, of course. But still, now we can relive this moment forever.



2. Honoring Pitbull’s sacrifice.


3. Jonboy311s does not follow.


4. Check and Mate, Liam.


5. The double-take we all shared.

6. Nothing says “you messed up” like a Crying Jordan meme.


7. Me too, honestly.


8. Some gave all.


9. … And then there was one reply to rule them all.

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