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Best memes of the week that will make you rethink reenlistment

Whether you're staying in getting out, these memes of the week will let you laugh the pain away.
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There are multiple reasons to reenlist but your heart has to be in it. No amount of bonuses, steady paychecks or other incentives will make you feel good about serving if you are already counting the days. Maybe you have a bad command or you’re stuck PCS’d somewhere awful. I get it. I do. Yet, those are passing things and you have to decide whether the next four years are in CIVDIV or information. There’s also lateral movements to other MOSs or rates if you are truly done with your job but not the military. Ultimately, there’s the nuclear option of switching branches or commissioning or both. However, whether you’re staying in or getting out, these memes of the week will let you laugh the pain away.

Here are the best memes of the week that will make you rethink reenlistment

high and tight military meme

So-called salty lance corporals don’t even have a real deployment into a combat zone and are walking around pumping their chests. Sit down, senior boot. The best way to deal with these peacetime terminal lances is simple: hit the gym and become stronger than them. PT hard so they’ll think twice about making ‘take it to the tree line’ type comments. MFers never even heard a shot fired in anger and are running around like they were in Fallujah. My Master Guns in 2/6, when I was in, was actually in Fallujah – during the initial push – and had books written about him. He was one of the most humble human beings I ever met even though he was a stickler for the regs. These peacetime E3s are just mad that the bare minimum was not enough to get promoted to corporal. ‘Rah!

guardians dancing

We’re still figuring stuff out!

etp anniversary

I think I smell a little salt in space.

submarine fight

Oh, the humanity!


They even have Tom Cruise.

*Loud noises*

air force school

Color me surprised when I asked about the enlisted commissioning program and was told it’s easier when you already have a degree and near impossible if you don’t. My dumbass responded with, “So, you’re saying there’s a chance!” No, no there isn’t; they’re just being nice.

PCS military meme

*Laughs in civilian because I can move where I want*
*Cries in civilian because the cost is out of pocket*

pt is cancelled

*Happy enlisted noises*

military shave meme

Rick roll ’em!

EPR military meme

Save that initiative until after you get promoted. That was a boot move.

iron sites meme

Unpopular opinion: Iron sights suck. Even if your ACOG goes down, nobody carries an iron sight rail on them. So, you’re not going to hit anything without the scope anyway. That’s my grunt opinion with a deployment to Helmand Province.

enlistment contract

*Recruiters pulling out the most BS enlistment contract known to man* “Well, I have news for you, buddy!”

risk management meme

We all know those geese are the real Canadian Air Force invading our sovereign soil.

SSID military meme

Yes, you can and yes, you will.

medical military meme

“We’ll wait until you get back. For morale purposes.”