14 Memes that would motivate even a terminal Lance Corporal this week

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boot military meme

There comes a time in every field op when things change so much that all one can do is laugh hysterically at nothing with your battle buddies. Some of my most memorable moments when I was enlisted in the Marine Corps was when stuff just went completely wrong and we didn’t even have anything to shoot at. There was no way to blow off steam and everything at that one point went so out of our control we would just repeat how badly things were and damn near wet ourselves. Fortunately, we found these military memes during our weekly round up that will bring back those memories like a PTSD nightmare…but fun! Still a nightmare though, ‘rah!

marine corps nostalgia terminal lance corporal military memes

If you ever feel nostalgic for the Corps, just take a look at this meme. I know every Marine reading this can practically smell Dip in the morning, stale MREs on post and feel tourniquet-tight rolled sleeves.

this is not a boot

These anti-hazing posters coming out of headquarters are even reaching out and touching you on libo. Unless you are in the infantry hazing is a no go!

chatgpt military meme

AI claims it can take on all the mundane tasks humanity has to offer and it will tackle them with ease. This is Sky Net after just one day of trying to run the military. AI is not prepared for the amount of Wagner jokes, Sistine chapel artwork in port-a-johns, or the insurmountable CPU and electricity it takes to spell check anything a Marine writes for official purposes. AI will never run the military because American troops will hackle it to pieces worse than any Russian troll ever will. Yay, job security!

strippr doesn't like me

My drill instructor smashed a footlocker trying to get this point across. One of the former recruits did eventually marry an exotic dancer. I promise you it ends just the way you think it did and it’s the part that always gets omitted in war movies.

give money to people of iraq terminal lance corporal military memes

This week was the 20th anniversary of the Iraq war. The internet is exploding with trivia and accounts of troops from their point of view of the war. As always, veterans find catharsis in comedy about situations civilians can hardly imagine.

senior leadership in military

The arch-nemesis of the Air Force is not Surface-to-Air capabilities but the ever growing facial hair of airmen. Sources say freedom to beard may lead to critical thinking, a severe threat to all active duty.

spanker terminal lance corporal military memes

“About ship! Clear for full sail, clear the guns! Steady your hearts, we prepare for engagement!” *More sailor noises*

marine corps terminal lance corporal military memes

Surprise! You won’t have to wait until Monday! It is 17:00 on a Sunday and a formation has been called on base with no information why.

POV terminal lance corporal military memes

You don’t get any curtains either and an E-5 and below working party has just been called.

tollbooth willy marine

Can confirm. Am Marine, the hate keeps us warm in the field.

ooda loop terminal lance corporal military memes

Controlled chaos or something. No time to explain, get your gear, Jerry!

monitor meme

I told my monitor I wanted to no longer be in the S3 of my unit so he sent me to the S3 of another unit. The Master Guns was my former Major’s platoon sergeant. He even gave me praise on how good I was as the scheduling NCO that I became that new unit’s Scheduling NCO. The Marine Corps is small AF.

Mop up rain terminal lance corporal military memes
No, but we did have to guard a pinecone.
shore leave terminal lance corporal military memes
As is tradition, important information is distributed during muster.