Top 10 military memes that made us laugh this week

military memes of the week 2/11

We’re back once again with a We Are The Mighty staple – the best and brightest military memes out there for you all to enjoy. While the Super Bowl has provided plenty of meme-able content this week, we still managed to find some hilarious memes that will get your weekend started off on the right foot. We hope you enjoy!

Whether you’re current or former Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard or Space Force, we got a little something for all service branches. Make sure to tune in every Friday so you don’t miss out.

  1. Why not start the military memes of the week off with one last PT formation…oh wait, you’re not in PT formation.
military meme

2. Willem Dafoe has the most meme-able face on the internet.

willam dafoe

3. TYFYS…I think?

us army memes

4. Nothing wrong with a military art or history meme!

history meme

5. It’s not funny to look down on the Infantry…I SAID NO, IT’S NOT FUNNY!

army meme

6. Servithhhh

military memes

7. It’s scary how accurate memes can be sometimes…


8. …or eye opening!


9. Please do NOT be that guy!!

10. And finally a military meme every branch can enjoy the sleeping bag!


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We’ll see you next week.