FOX News contributor and retired Marine Johnny Joey Jones pens brand-new book

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Updated onMay 17, 2023 10:06 AM PDT
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Retired combat-wounded Marine, Staff Sgt. Johnny Joey Jones has been a regular FOX News contributor and host. He’s now a book author.

Retired combat-wounded Marine, Staff Sgt. Johnny Joey Jones has been a regular contributor and show host on both FOX News and FOX Nation for over four years. On June 27, 2023 – he’ll add author to his list of accomplishments. 

Unbroken Bonds of Battle: A Modern Warriors Book of Heroism, Patriotism and Friendship is the seventh title for FOX News Books and the second in the “Modern Warriors” line. 

Photo courtesy of FOX News

So, how was the writing process for Jones? “This was my first book and including so many of my good friends whom I respect, making sure the details of their stories were correct, as well as their individual personalities shown through was a high priority,” he explained. “I found the overall process was something almost therapeutic, re-living some of the things that have happened in my life and learning new lessons from it. Many of the others said the same.”

He’d joined up in 2005 after talking to a Marine recruiter and found himself in Iraq not long after completing Boot Camp. While on that deployment, he spent some time with the EOD Technicians and was inspired to become one himself. 

Later on, Jones triggered an IED while on deployment to Afghanistan on August 6, 2010, losing both of his legs and sustaining life-threatening injuries in the process. Despite navigating his own recovery at Walter Reed, you could find the Marine on Capitol Hill advocating for other veterans and their needs in between treatments. 

Photo courtesy of FOX News

The Marine admitted he’d been asked by many to write his story for years. But as Jones walked through the potential of a book and began the writing process, he was adamant about showcasing the people he fought alongside. 

“This book tells the story of my closest friends and some of the most impactful people in my recovery. Finishing this book meant paying homage to them in a way I never could before,” he shared. “We are a reflection of the people in our lives and the experiences we endure and in that way this book is my mirror.”

Within the book, readers will hear unfiltered stories of battle and authenticity straight from the warriors of America. Navigating some of these stories wasn’t always easy for Jones. But being able to showcase their stories and the lessons he gleaned from them offered a space of healing, he said. It’s something he hopes readers can take with them, too.

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“This book truly exemplifies the ‘it takes a village’ mantra. Each of these heroes played a big role in my life, before and after injury. In this book you see how they each had their own adversity to overcome and how different people were there to help them,” Jones said. “I think people will take away from this that no matter what you are going through, you aren’t alone and you still have the capacity to be the hero in someone else’s story at the same time.”

You can grab your pre-order copy of Unbroken Bonds of Battle: A Modern Warriors Book of Heroism, Patriotism and Friendship by clicking here.


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