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Interview with retired Marine Colonel Kevin Hudson, PXG for Heroes program

Kevin Hudson, a retired Marine Colonel, is the Special Director at PXG who most notably handles the PXG for Heroes program at the company.
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PXG for Heroes
Kevin Hudson (second from right) with the PXG for Heroes crew. Photo courtesy of Kevin Hudson.

Kevin Hudson, a retired Marine Colonel, is the Special Director at PXG who most notably handles the PXG for Heroes program at the company. PXG for Heroes is a special program to get veterans and first responders discounted prices on their products. It is one – if not the first – of its kind in the world of golf. PXG is for Parsons Xtreme Golf, which was founded by Marine and Vietnam Veteran, Bob Parsons. Parsons is known for his success with Parsons Technology in the 1980s and 1990s, which was bought by Intuit and then he founded GoDaddy which is an internet domain registrar and web hosting company. You may remember GoDaddy’s fun Super Bowl commercials from years past.

Before his business success, Parsons served in the USMC in the 26th Marine Regiment in the 1st Marine Division in the Quang Nam Province. He fought and was injured in combat. He earned the Combat Action Ribbon, Vietnam Gallantry Cross and Purple Heart. Parsons credits his success in life to his time and lessons learned in the Corps, hence his desire to give back to veterans and first responders. Parsons gives donations to veterans and other programs through the Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation as well.

Parsons likes to hire in his own image so post his service Hudson was hired by him at PXG. Hudson comes from an esteemed Marine Corps background initially as an Infantry Officer turned Naval Aviator who flew Cobra gunships in support of ground troops. He traveled the world and served on many deployments overseas, which also included tours at top-level units as well. He served 26 years in the Corps and retired out of the Pentagon running Marine Aviation programs.

kevin hudson and family
Colonel Hudson with his family at the US Marine Corps War Memorial in Washington, D.C. Photo courtesy of Kevin Hudson.

Parsons hired the Colonel in May of 2016, so he went straight from the uniform into working at PXG, which had just been started. Hudson started out in Operations and within a couple of years, Parsons wanted him to start on a new PXG program that gave special prices on golf clubs and accessories to veterans and first responders. Parsons designated him in charge of PXG for Heroes, which was outside of his normal expertise, but like a good Marine, Hudson took the challenge head-on.

PXG for Heroes
A veteran using his PXG clubs at Scottsdale National Golf Club. Photo courtesy of PXG.

The program kicked on in May of 2018 and it has been met with resounding success. It has been growing and going strong for years. Parsons gave Hudson the mission of getting the world’s best golf equipment into the hands of our nation’s best. The clubs even share Marine Corps Military Occupational Specialty codes such as 0811, which is Artillery and is also the name/number for the company’s first driver. A good choice for the name of a driver in golf, especially for Marines. Hudson touches on the therapeutic points of golf for veterans and how it can help them in dealing with PTSD. They can go out on the golf course, compete and enjoy some time relaxing with their buddies.

kevin hudson and wife
Bob and Renee Parsons. Photo courtesy of tbrpf.org.

Hudson also touches on the fact PXG has partnered with the golf teams at the US Naval Academy and the US Air Force Academy. PXG supports those who are sacrificing to serve their youth at the service academies. The PXG rental program is offered at golf courses on military bases. It is called the PXG Hero Demo and is available at military golf courses. Military members can come back from a deployment and go play golf for a much less price than in the civilian world. PXG has 24 demo programs across the country at military bases. Hudson’s intent is to get a PXG club into every veteran’s hands so he can show them a product built based on Marine Corps principles and leadership.