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4 reasons why it’s okay to be immature in the infantry

Our U.S. military is considered one of the most skilled groups of men and women ever to be assembled. We live under strict rules and perform some intense duties that would make the average person shriek.

LOL. We said ‘duties.’

Although the military harshly engraves the importance of discipline into young recruits’ minds, most of the troops who chose to become infantrymen never really fully mature — and for good reason.

As combat veterans, we still laugh at the corniest of jokes and spend time doodling obscene images in random locations — just to elicit a small smirk.

Here’s why it okay to be immature, even if your platoon sergeant disagrees with us.

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1. It opens the door for more jokes

When you live with all guys for several years with next to no entertainment, your lack of professional focus can spark a creative side you never knew you had.

2. You fit right in with everybody else

It’s a pretty well-known fact that you don’t have to be a smart guy to earn a role in the infantry; you just have to show up. Being semi-immature is a plus since you’ll spend a lot of downtime cleaning and probably use a mop as a comedic prop to pass the time.

3. It allows you to determine if the infantry is really for you

Countless troops that serve in the grunts don’t build up a brotherhood because their personalities don’t mesh well with other infantrymen’s — but that’s okay.

The truth is, you’re not going to get along with everybody. However, if you don’t have a few immature bones in your body, chances are, you’re not going to enjoy any of your time in that MOS.

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4. It helps you survive all the bullsh*t

Being in the infantry is tough — and it’s not all immaturity all the time. However, the childish trait does help troops find comedy during sh*tty times — which infantryman will surely endure.

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