Your top 13 favorite Mighty stories from 2017

The editorial staff of We Are The Mighty spends a lot of time thinking about you, readers. Probably more than your husbands and wives, likely less than your First Sergeants (our main audience skews younger) and doctors (our second largest audience skews much older).

"Try reading the articles before you comment. That should help."

Knowing what you like to read can tell you all a little something about yourselves, too. So, take a look at We Are The Mighty's top stories of 2017 and then take a deep, reflective look at yourselves.

13. 5 key differences between Army medics and Navy corpsmen

It's obviously going to be deeper than just Army vs. Navy.

12. These crusader knights answered the call to fight World War I

You guys liked this so much, we made a video about it:

11. The founder of Delta Force was almost impossible to kill

Obviously, he wasn't totally impossible to kill, because he died eventually — but it wasn't from a bullet.

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10. Egypt pulls a perfect 'MacGyver' move to defend its ships from air attack

Or, "This is what happens when you park a SAM battery on an amphibious assault ship."

9. That time a Marine mechanic took a joyride in a stolen A4M Skyhawk


This is a great story because it has a happy ending. Also, this dude is a legend.

8. This is why some sailors wear gold stripes, and some wear red

A Navy Corpsman answers the question you never thought you wanted to know everything about — until you realized they have two colors of rank.

7. 5 military myths that Hollywood has taught us to believe

This post was way more thoughtful than how actors hold weapons.

6. Watch a real US Army honor guard perform the 'Razzle Dazzle' from the movie 'Stripes'

There's nothing true-to-military-life about it, but this proves everyone loves Stripes.

5. Watch this guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns get stabbed and carry on

If you don't love and/or respect the Old Guard, you are wrong.

4. This is what happens when the Army puts a laser on an Apache attack helicopter

When pew turns into zap.

3. This awesome 'trench broom' terrified Germans in both World Wars

An American classic goes to war.

2. Watch the F-22 take on 5 F-15s – and dominate

It's okay, though... that's how it's supposed to go.

1. That time Marines in a firefight called customer service for help with an M-107

Any excuse to put Shannon Corbeil back in front of a camera. #WhoToldItBetter


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