The 16 funniest military memes of the week

Ruddy Cano
Updated onApr 7, 2023 12:50 PM PDT
3 minute read
simpsons meme


Recruitment and retention are hot topics in the community right now, and we have the military memes to prove it….

Recruitment and retention are hot topics in the community right now, and we have the military memes to prove it. Leaders now are facing challenges keeping good troops within the ranks. When troops ask for career opportunities, better living conditions and general respect are met with ridicule and apathy. The military is no longer enjoying the endless waves of volunteers since the surge and it's caught up to the "put up or shut up" attitude that proliferated during OIF and OEF with impunity. Now when troops have the option to leave for much better pay, obscene amounts in some fields, they tell the brass the same thing they told them: Pound sand.

I vividly remember my last day aboard Camp Lejeune and one of the last conversations I had with an E-5 and an O-2 at the smoke pit. They asked what I was going to do and I told them I got accepted in to college and was going to study in California via a cross-country road trip starting that same day. The E-5 condescendingly said, "At least I have a guaranteed paycheck for four more years." The look on his face when I reminded him that I would be making more BAH in California with the G.I. Bill than he was making at full pay and it was also guaranteed for the next four years. That tiny, meaningless victory was the best going away present the Corps could ever give me.

Okay, great. SgtMaj is that you in that picture with a full beard in Afghanistan?

"WhY aRe YoU nOt ReEnLiStInG? It's not four more years, it is four different years! 'Rah, motivate, kill, aye, sir or something"

You may have beautiful beaches, beautiful people, better BAH, and the best locations for leave within a drivable distance...but we got Chesty. So, we win.

Get this MFer out of my sick bay before he earns it after taking a meritorious knife hand to the neck.

Boundaries? Have you taken a look around you? Do you know where you are?

No Docs were harmed in the making of this military meme. Everyone knows its blasphemy for a Doc to get hazed by his grunts. We will, however, make him regret being born with copious amounts of alcohol. It's easier to risk life and limb for someone who actually like.

Something, something, something, Dark side...I mean, needs of the Air Force.

Classism with extra steps. Yay, gentrification...or something.

This is the real reason the active duty brass is committed on the War on Beards instead of winning the past two actual ones. Shots fired.

Come with me, and you'll see, a world of OSHA violations!

Fun fact: If you use big enough words on a Marine, he will fight you.

Threaten me with valuable skills that will make me competitive for employment like that again and we're taking this to the tree line.

It is taco Tuesday but they're using the good stuff.

Ron Burgundy has an interesting take on the origins of how San Diego is translated. There once was a time before memes when every frame of this movie was drunkenly repeated between troops.

This military meme is so true. Either they get younger every year or we're losing a lot of officers during Land Nav to never be heard from again.

You're not going to Forrest Gump your way out of this one, Simpson!


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