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Funny Army memes to distract you from real life

Joining the Armed Forces is nothing to poke fun at. It’s one of the most honorable undertakings on the planet. That said, we all need to laugh at ourselves now and again. If you’re in the Army, these memes are all too relatable, so what are you waiting for? Come on down and laugh a little! If you’re a Marine, don’t get too cocky. No branch is safe from Internet memes.

Here are some funny Army memes to distract you from real life

They weren’t wrong.

army meme

Sometimes you’re the Armed Forces. Other times, you’re just the arm.

Oh. So that’s how tanks are made.

They don’t teach you everything in high school bio, kids.

Possibly the least peaceful type of angel

army meme

But it’s still very nice. Could someone please tell him the holidays are over, though?

Too much?

army meme

Commander: We need to distract the enemy.
Private: Hold my beer.

Puddle, lake. Same thing.

Forget the map. Someone get him some glasses.

Um, excuse me? I think you have a stowaway.

A really, really cute stowaway. On second thought, keep him. Ya know, for backup.

Permission granted.

army meme

Isn’t he majestic? The Navy needs to step up their game with a Titanic remake.

I mean, finals ARE stressful.

Not quite as stressful as, oh, I don’t know, dodging bullets. Stress isn’t really a contest, but if it were, soldiers would win.

They skipped a few details.

When you said you wanted to go above and beyond the call of duty, someone must have heard “doody” instead.

Whoever told him to trust his intuition, please tell him to stop.

The photographer perfectly captured the moment that Kevin realized he had utterly effed up.

Poor Marines…

army meme

It’s just not the same, is it?

This is the part no one warned you about.

They told you about the most dangerous parts of enlisting, but neglected to mention that duffle bags might be your most stubborn opponent.

Not sure what’s happening here, but it looks fun.

What happens when you combine an ice rink, a plastic wagon, and two guys in the army? This, I guess.

It had to work somewhere.

Ask Grandma if she can mail her couch to the Middle East. Modern problems require modern solutions.

Don’t do it.

Be careful. This level of enthusiasm is dangerous.