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Expectations vs. reality for 2021 in memes

There’s no denying that 2021 has started with a bang – good or bad, we’ve had a dramatic first few weeks of January. But, this is also a stark difference to what we were hoping it would be. For some reason, the majority of the population had an unwavering, illogical view that with the New Year, we’d all have a change of fate and everything would be better. Like magic. The clock flipped and all the bad stuff would disappear … or at least take a sharp turn toward the decline.

That has – obviously – turned out to not be true. However, the transition and lack of smoothness has left us with a whole slew of memes. Join us as we chuckle about our own blindness to reality, and the jokes that came along with it.

  1. The 2021 NYE party we wished we’d had

What a snoozer.

2. Still no travel plans in the foreseeable 2021 future

Yet so many dishes.

3. Don’t forget the laundry

2021 meme of woman looking into a dryer instead of out an airplane window

Cycle watching is the new streaming alternative.

4. Meanwhile, the online shopping is getting even more disappointing.

*clicks return now* At least in 2021, returns are easier than they used to be.

5. For anyone who tried an at-home haircut

Just wait it out folks, please.

6. There’s always background filters

2021 photo of woman giving a man hand sanitizer instead of her hand

Travel anywhere with a green screen and a swipe, because that’s about all you’re allowed to do in the first few months of 2021.

7. But hey, spring is coming soon

2021 tan lines- woman has mask tan lines on her face

HOPEFULLY it’s the perfect weather for evening out those mask lines.

8. The latter is the January we actually got

2021 expectations- A cute cat shaped omelet compared to a burnt one

Hopes were dashed; breakfasts were ruined.

9. When you wake up and everything got crazy

2021 meme: I'm just gonna take a quick nap. Aaaand it's three hours later

We just wanted a little rest. Sigh. 2020’s boredom naps are forecasted to continue well into 2021.

10. But no matter what, resist the urge to get bangs!

2021 expectation vs reality, bangs edition

This is something even the New Year can’t fix.

We may not have started off the year the way we planned, but there are always memes to be made. From unfortunate haircuts, to canceling yet one more set of travel plans, so far, 2021 is not turning out to be the breath of fresh air that we had hoped for. But it’s here and we’re tackling it the best way we know how: with dumb jokes on the Internet. Go forth meme makers and continue your good work.

What’s your favorite of 2021 so far?