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Three secret military time management tips

Time management isn’t just key to a successful career in the military. It’s critical to, well, just about everything. Showing up on time and being able to use your time effectively helps separate you from the pack. The military has a unique way of teaching you how to manage your time. You learn to get your personal things done without procrastinating, as you never know when you’re going to get called in.

Step 1

Design a schedule down to the minute so you don’t waste time. The military teaches you this because it gives you specific tasks to do in minute-based increments. Applying to skill to your day-to-day life is an excellent form of time management.

Step 2

The military also teaches you how to eliminate distractions. Getting distracted in the military can have dire security and safety consequences. Learning to complete tasks without distractions can translate directly to your daily life and ensure you’re always making the most of your time.

Step 3

Use time blocks to divide your time. There are tons of apps out there to help if you need some tech to keep you in line. Time blocks, or using something visual to divide your time, are a common military strategy. You can use time blocks in your daily life to make it easier to stay within designated timeframes for every activity or task.

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