This is what your diet would look like as an adventuring pioneer

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(Library of Congress photo)

Aside from careful preparation, logistics, and a lot of determination, the secret to a successful expedition is the food you eat throughout the adventure. Like soldiers on field missions, explorers need to consume foods with high caloric contents to keep them energized and revitalized. An adventurer’s diet does not have to include protein bars and snacks only as there are plenty of other options. A balanced diet is essential to keep your body healthy, especially if the adventure is to last longer than a week. Modern-day explorers have tones of options when it comes to diet, but it all boils down to preferences and goals. However, if you lived during the implantation of Manifest Destiny, this is how you would have to fuel your body.


Since you will need tons of calories to supply your body with enough energy throughout the day, you need to ensure you take a heavy breakfast. This can be foods such as muesli or oatmeal mixed with fatty additives such as olive oil. How heavy the breakfast is also depends on the type of adventure you are on. For instance, if your expedition is in a very cold region, you will need more energy to keep your body warm, unlike when exploring warm areas. 

Extreme temperatures increase your body’s requirement for fats, and because high-fat foods are the most calorie-dense, they should be included in your breakfast. Additionally, you can include some snacks you will consume while on your way. The aim is to keep your heart rate normal while burning the fat consumed during your expedition. 


Essentially the pioneers ate whatever they could catch. They had adapt and overcomer the challenges of exploration while attempting to take pleasure in the little things in life. Imagine being on a permanent field op with iffy supply chains. The upside is that you get to experience untamed America and the purity of nature before anyone else.


Like Breakfast meals, your dinner needs to be heavy but not too much so your body can rest while sleeping. Opt for dry foods like instant rice and pasta mixed with soup that does not require refrigeration. Peanut butter contains essential oils; therefore, it will increase your body fat to keep you warm throughout the night.

Fishing is of course a staple of living off the land and skill worth investing in. Remember to boil your water too or you’ll die quicker than a play through of Oregon Trail.