20 hilarious Space Force memes

space force

The Space Force, a relatively new branch within the Air Force, has without a doubt been a controversial subject. The poor dears have also found themselves the subjects of a number of inventive and insulting Space Force memes.

From space monsters to wardrobe malfunctions, here are 20 brilliant Space Force memes.

Sorry, guys. We couldn’t resist.

1. What’ll it be?

So close.

2. Why so serious?

I guess after the thousandth wise crack, it gets old. You’ve got to admit- despite her annoyance, her lavender hair is fire.

3. Aiming for the stars

ROTC kids are usually tough. And then there’s this guy, looking like a balloon animal in a baseball cap.

4. Why does this look so familiar?

Oh. That’s why. Who okayed this?

5. Expectations vs. reality

It’s no different than the rest of them…

6. Nothing ever changes, does it?

Just pretend it’s Tatooine.

7. Everyone wants to join

Don’t worry. It’s humane in real life. Promise.

8. It is the Space Force, after all.

After we get mainstream commercial space travel, this should absolutely be the flight attendant uniform.

9. Space Force hairstyles are…innovative?

He should sue.

10. Me and my homies

Is this not how the Space Force spends their weekends?

11. Good thinking

Space force memes

Eat all the fast food you want…

12. Protecting the galaxy

Space force memes

Just wait for the aliens to come. Then you’ll see. You’ll aaall see.

13. So effective. 

Space force memes

The best disguise is in plain sight.

14. Did Michael Scott do this on purpose?

Space force memes

Either way, I’d serve next to Steve Carell any day.

15. ‘Space Isis’

Space force memes

You heard it here first, folks!

16. The nightmares no astronaut will admit to.

Space force memes

Maybe the giant space bugs are herbivores?

17. Standing guard at the StarGate

Space force memes

It’s still cool, I guess. Almost.

18. Student loan forgiveness?

Space force memes

It’s all about the hustle.

19. They won’t pay

Space force memes

The alien exchange rate is probably out of this world anyway…

20. Getting our Zenon on

Space force memes

If it’s space…we might as well go all out.