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20 Air Force memes to brighten your day

Let’s be honest, the Air Force takes a ton of crap. When all is said and done, we can all come together to laugh at these 20 hilarious air force memes. Even if the AF is a bunch of nerds. 

1. You’re not even real, they say…

You stay in your lane and I’ll stay in mine.

2. Delayed PT Tests

We can totally run it off a week before…

3. What They Actually Do

It’s a little of all of these, really.

4. USAF Action Figures

You’d be surprised how much flexibility you need to stay nimble in the cockpit.

5. An Air Force emergency

Isn’t pizza always an urgent situation? It’s a matter of life and death. 

6. It’s true…

As long as a desk counts as a plane. 

7. Just remember…

The other branches are just jealous of your A/C.

8. Gas stations everywhere

The best of convenience.

9. Looking out for one another…

They’re always super over-confident with their fuel tolerance. 

10. Planes and brains

Handling heavy machinery and all does take some knowledge…

11. Have a Snickers

The HD resolution on those drones really does bring you into the moment…maybe too much.

12. Hazardous duty pay

Pilots should get a bonus for dealing with the Marines’ anger issues.

13. It’s not what the sandbags are for…

If it’s stupid and it works, it’s not stupid.

14. Said no one ever

Aw. Maybe we should send them a little love….naaaaah.

15. The Air Force ranking structure

The higher you go, the more emotional validation for your superiority complex you need…

16. If you’re in the Air Force, she’s always out of your league


17. “They can’t stop all of us.”

Over my brrrrt body.

18. Pararescue to the rescue!

They’re like the backup for the backup.

19. The miracle of life

Isn’t it beautiful?

20. Join the Space Corps!

Does… does this happen a lot?