This is how the US and Japan plan to defend Taiwan against the Chinese

Ruddy Cano
Updated onFeb 16, 2022 2:28 PM PST
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(U.S. Navy photo by Seaman Jared M. King)

(U.S. Navy photo by Seaman Jared M. King)


The wrangle between the Chinese and Taiwan has been on for decades, as neither countries want to surrender. China has…

The wrangle between the Chinese and Taiwan has been on for decades, as neither countries want to surrender. China has not ceased, even for a moment, from threatening Taiwan and has given several hints of forceful invasion. The end game is to pressure Taiwan to accept the terms of becoming a territory of the communist Chinese. It is no doubt that the Chinese have more power in terms of weaponry, therefore, they could defeat Taiwan if they went to war. The United States has made it clear that if China attempts to control Taiwan forcefully, it will come to Taiwan's rescue. The degree to which any United States military reaction to Chinese aggression would entail the deployment of US soldiers in Japan, as well as major Japanese tactical and logistical assistance is an often neglected but essential aspect.

In light of China's increasing military capabilities and intimidation, the US and Japan must consider preparing for a confrontation in Taiwan a major focus for the partnership. The ability of the US and Japan to discourage a Chinese invasion of Taiwan and counter together and decisively to Chinese aggression, if prevention does not work, could dictate Taiwan's own future. While Japan has given clear indications that It will help the United States defend Taiwan against the Chinese in the recent past, the country is at a fix. 

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With regards to the 70-year-old Japan-US treaty, the Japanese have no choice but to help their ally. When the Chinese heard about Japan's response to defending Taiwan, they claimed that Japan was meddling in their internal affairs and threatened recourse. It is clear that the Chinese are in the wrong, but they still proceed with their threats.

If the Chinese proceed with their invasion threat, the US military will have no option but to intervene. Since Japan hosts the United States Armed Forces at certain major bases and facilities in the country, the US and Japan would release most military personnel to help with Taiwan's situation. When it is about facing potential invasion from the Chinese, Japan and Taiwan are basically in the same boat. This kind of view has made Taiwan dependent on Japan's aid in case the uneventful happens. The main point behind Japan's and the US's support is to increase the self-defense capabilities of Taiwan. 

Japan and the United States can do this by providing military ammunition and soldiers when the time comes. Furthermore, the two countries hope that the Chinese will back off from their threat if they see how much support Taiwan has. It is right to think that the Chinese might be threatening invasion because they believe they can win a war against the small country. But with Japan's and US's support, they might chicken out and let bygones be bygones. 

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Recent news has it that the Japanese have already detailed their security with Taiwan as a precaution. Japan knows very well it could lose its largest export market if the Chinese are successful, therefore, are dedicated to the course. Additionally, given the proximity of Japan to Taiwan, an attack on Taiwan would pose a danger to Japan's survival. A meeting was arranged between the United States secretaries and those of Japan. The two counties recognized the importance of peace and stability in Taiwan and why the Chinese should not control it. It would be a disaster if the rival country were to win this long-fought war against invasion.

The only thing that is not certain is the extent to which the Japanese would support their ally, the US. According to Japan's constitution, the country can only provide comprehensive support like ballistic missile defense, anti-submarine warfare, and combat operations.


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