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Top 5 frightening haunted sites near military bases

Beyond the scariest tales of bloody combat, the military has to deal with plenty of scary ghostly stories. As we all know, where there is war, death is common, and with death comes spooky stories. Military bases are sources of the scariest ghost stories worldwide, and if you spend a reasonable amount of time near … Continued

8 reasons Marines hate on the Navy

The Navy and Marines spend a lot of time together for obvious reasons. Like anyone you spend too much time with, they start to get on each others’ nerves.

How, you might ask?

Only in the Navy! (Image via GIPHY)


This is the best way to prove a samurai sword is authentic

Most individuals purchase swords because they provide great aesthetic pleasure for collectors or as an NJP waiting to happen to the platoon’s resident weeb. Either way, it is necessary to understand a valuable historical sword is expensive, and where money is involved, counterfeits never lack. Over the years, prominent smiths crafted swords that now go … Continued

Why starting a currency collection is a good idea on active duty

Currency collection is a hobby that enhances art appreciation and expands your understanding of geography, politics and history. It has become a favorite hobby of many people, regardless of their social standing. In addition to being both thrilling and fulfilling, currency collection completes a series of precious souvenirs. Although coin collecting and currency collection may … Continued

The complete hater’s guide to the US Navy

Editor’s note: This is the fourth in a series about how branches of the military hate on each other. We’ll feature all branches of the U.S. military, written by veterans of that branch being brutally honest with themselves and their services.<…

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