This Army-Navy spirit spot celebrates the Army Reserve

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army reserves

When it comes to Army-Navy spirit spots, the respective service academies and active duty units stand out. But, that doesn’t mean that the reserve components don’t have spirit. Representing the Army Reserve, 1st Lt. Tim Yao directed a short film for the 2022 Army-Navy Game.

The spirit spot features members of the Army Reserve, including Chief of the United States Army Reserve, Lt. Gen. Jody Daniels. In true Army-Navy fashion, the soldiers prank their Navy comrades by posting “Go Army! Beat Navy!” flyers all over the Navy Reserve HQ in Norfolk, Virginia. There’s also some light jabbing regarding the difference in physical fitness standards between the two services, all in good fun of course.

The Reserve component of the U.S. Army is unique. Although many people confuse it with the state-run National Guard, the Reserve is a federal force. Army Reserve units can be found all over the United States, allowing soldiers in the Reserve the flexibility to move and pursue their civilian careers.

The military and civilian careers of a soldier in the Army Reserve don’t have to be the same. In fact, many bring their civilian expertise with them to their military service. This can provide the Reserve with an upper hand in supporting the Army’s Active Duty component. Other soldiers in the Reserve have similar military and civilian careers. Lt. Yao works with the Army Reserve marketing team to develop commercials and video productions. In his civilian career, he works as a freelance filmmaker and aspiring director in Los Angeles.

Whether you’re a cadet or midshipman, serving on Active Duty or in the Reserve or Guard, a veteran or invested civilian, the Army-Navy Game remains America’s Game. Win or lose, the players on the field and their classmates in the stands are comrades in arms, committed to serving their country.