The 13 funniest military memes of the week

Memes time! It’s like MRE time, except you laugh instead of getting constipated. Great Navy memes seem to be the hardest to find, so thanks go to Sh-t My LPO Says for numbers 7, 8, and 12.

1. Everyone is feeling the sting of budget cuts.

Military memes Air Force Sequestration

Maybe you could divert some cafe and cable TV money to the training budget.

2. They’re both used to being top dog …

Military memes Infantry marine corps Army

… and neither knows that the civilians don’t care.

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3. Has the Navy been spending the war years doing donuts in the oceans?

Military memes Navy

Sort of makes the Navy seem more appealing.

 4. This also could factor into deciding which service branch to join.

Military memes Army Navy Air Force Marine Corps

Seriously? Come on, Navy and Air Force. This mud isn’t going to sleep in itself.

5. First sergeant will either join in or lose his mind in 3, 2, 1 …

Military memes Army Memes Safety Brief

“Before we go to the field, I just want to say that I better not see anyone throwing knives or swords or whatever out there.” –This guy’s CO, very next field exercise.

6. Maybe he’ll shoot the emergency azimuth properly and everything will be fine.

Military memes Marine corps Army Officer MeMe

You should probably make sure you have lots of water and your sleeping system, just in case.

7. Follow the letter of the rules, not the spirit.

Military memes Navy Rack out

Still, kind of ingenious.

8. Careful what you wish for.

Military memes Navy ocean

Nah. The first thing you see is that fancy bulkhead or the underside of a nice sleeping rack.

9. In their defense, if it wasn’t mandatory, they wouldn’t wear that costume.

Military memes Air Force Finance

Side note, maybe do some mandatory training on the spelling of mandatory.

10. Artillery: not the King of the Battle because of their oratorial skills.

Military memes Marine Corps Artillery

Really, wanting to kill everyone should be the threshold for bringing Marine infantry as well.

11. A pilot demonstrates his ability to shake.

Military memes dogs handler pilot

First dog in space: 1957. First Air Force pilot in space: 1961.

 12. At least he didn’t lose his shower shoes.

Military memes Navy Shower Curtain

This is why he showers fully clothed.

13. Ancient, timeless wisdom.

Military memes safety brief sun tzu

The composite risk management process was the first appendix in the Art of War.

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