The 13 funniest military memes of the week

We cover the military and we're on the internet. Military memes are kind of a given.

1. Is it too much to ask? (via Terminal Lance)

"Come on, gunny. I'm a great Marine once you get to know me." "No, you aren't."

2. Dear Disney, we will buy all the tickets to this movie.

Just make sure there's a scene where an A-10 "Brrrrrtttts" all over an Imperial walker.

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3. You are what you eat (Via Sh-t My LPO Says).

At least he'll get a profile pic out of this.

4. Things you don't want your future squad to see:

(via Military Memes)

Why is his battle buddy standing at almost-attention?

5. Civilians think you've learned 100 ways to kill a man ... (via Marine Corps Memes)

... but we know you've learned 17 ways to police call a smoke pit.

6. No basic training instructor will appreciate the "irony" of you wearing another branch's camo (via Coast Guard Memes).

Just wear a Tapout T-shirt like everyone else.

7. "You have three days to accept this challenge ..."

"... or we'll initiate the thermobaric challenge."

8. Some paintings call for happy trees, some call for other embellishments (via Military Memes).

Bob Ross knows which paintings need what.

9. Don't let Marines get bored. It rarely ends well (via Military Memes).

It's entertaining, but it doesn't end well.

10. From the 12th to the 14th, and the 28th to 31st (via Terminal Lance).

Every. Single. Month.

11. I mean, at least no one can tell him his ribbons are wrong after that (via Navy Memes).

"You think they're 1/32" too high? Well MCPON put 'em there, so they're staying."

 12. God may forgive you (via Sh-t My LPO Says).

But, the platoon sergeant is a bit harder to convince.

13. How the US Air Force calls a bluff.

USAF can do this all day, guys.

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