Best military memes of the week

Ruddy Cano
Sep 8, 2023 4:14 AM PDT
2 minute read
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Life changes but the first four years are special and set the foundation for your future self. These military memes illustrate this.

Personally I believe the the best years of your service are the first four. You're with your friends since basic or at least they're still in and you can meet up with some of them. There's a lot of BS you have to deal with your first few ranks but there isn't as much responsibility relative to when you pick up rank later. Financially, you're free to spend it on stupid stuff without going into soul-crushing debt and ruining your life. You can rise after a drinking bender and pump out a strong PT session and eat whatever you want. Comparative to the next four years and those after: most of your friends got out or PCS'd, you outrank and cannot associate with the new waves like you did with your "generation," you have a mortgage and a family and no longer live in the barracks. Hell, you may also choose to leave as well and use that G.I. Bill. Life changes but the first four years I believe are special and set the foundation for your future self - civilian or otherwise. These military memes illustrate this.

Here are the best military memes of the week

If someone calls me Cano in public I know it's one of you beautiful MFers.

You all had MREs left over from field ops in your coffin racks for when you blew all your money on booze and libo risk shenanigans.

Just got to make it to the 96 block.

When you task out veterans to hunt the paranormal with a blank check, you get this masterpiece. The new season is out too.

Adapt and overcome.

Man, I didn't get a barracks room all to myself until I was an NCO and this dude is complaining about it. This new Corps is spoiled.

If we leave by 0300 we can make it back to 0500 formation with an hour's nap.

Dedicated to all the new SNCOs this quarter.

Marines are a chemical cocktail of sugar, ginseng and probably mysterious liquid explosives.

Marines just want to hit someone. Just point them in the right direction.

The Army does not seem to understand that we fight each other for recreation and daydream of fighting that would justifiably not land them in jail. Swing first.

The enemy should be more afraid of the Marine without the skivvies.

At least you get promoted.

OPSEC for thee but not for me.


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