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Best military memes to laugh at while waiting at the armory

Here are this week's best military memes of the week to laugh at while waiting at the armory.
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best military memes

Going to the armory to draw out your weapon and then clean it for hours is the equivalent of an adult daycare for grunts. They can’t leave; they have to play with their toys until the adults get back. They are in a safe enclosure where they can’t get in trouble – in theory. For some reason, they give Marines a hard time accepting weapons like we’re going to pop sticks for the President. I know it’s clean, you know it’s clean… just take it and we can all get off work at a reasonable hour. We already know they sent it back even though it’s spotless, so we’ve prepared a list of the top memes of the week while you wait for your SNCO to give them a proper knife-hand.

Here are this week’s best military memes of the week to laugh at while waiting at the armory

I really did. In high school, I was an athlete and pretty smart. The Marine Corps was the best mistake I’ve ever made. I should have done a different MOS than the infantry, though. All we got as 03s were bragging rights. That’s it. There are people who got out with four years experience and a STEM degree raking it in right now.

“I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was. Now what I’m with isn’t it, and what’s it seems weird and scary to me, and it’ll happen to you” – Abe Simpson

I saw that MFer at the PX when I was close to EASing and realized he was a boot.

No one cares.

Did you know that you initialed a block in your contract that you agreed to a police call during your service? Don’t believe me, look at the digital version on your MOL or branch equivalent website. They freaking got us good, y’all.

“It’s a blouse!”

Nah, nah. We’re good, Sergeant. You wanted tree line, we’re going to the tree line. Yeah, we got to talk out this duty roster too, Sergeant.

How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man!

It could be worse. You could have been a Marine and gotten an NJP instead.

Credit: DeathBulge

Motivation is mandatory.

Needs of the military.

You’re making too much sense. That’s not authorized.

Yeah, screw them, civilians. Wait a minute. I’m a civilian now.

L5 and a blinking router is going to be why we have a nuclear WWIII.

1st CivDiv is the best Div. We have hats.

I R grunt.

Maybe try not treating enlisted sailors like second-class citizens.

We got things to do, man. Stay mad.

They’ve been riding our butts over OPSEC these past few months because two airmen committed treason for clout but now ‘they’ want the military to inform the public about our ocean warfare capabilities. The public can’t have it both ways just because the victims were wealthy.