Best military memes of the week that may make you accidentally commission

Ruddy Cano
May 26, 2023 12:55 PM PDT
2 minute read
old school marines


Here are the best military memes of the week that may make you accidentally commission.

The Air Force is promoting a lot of SNCOs this week so be prepared for a lot of salt and celebration! Maybe someone will celebrate so hard you'll have a chance to move up after they get Ninja Punched. Regardless, congratulations to those that moved up and for those that didn't Uncle Sam is always looking for contractors with fists full of cash. At this point some shinies on your your shoulders could also look good - if you join the Dark Side.

Here are the best military memes of the week that may make you accidentally commission

Make my thanks tax-deductible.
*IRS noises*

Today is your turn in the barrel.

I remember when I was in the DEP program and I asked my recruiter why we were not allowed to wear our cammies in public once we became Marines. That "I wished" because they looked cool. He responded 'Why would you want to wear your work clothes when you are no longer at work?' It makes sense. If you love being in kit just join the infantry. We make you wear it even when you go to sleep if you want. We'll keep you away from phones and family and send you to the other side of the earth if that floats your boat. But nah, LARPers don't want that.

Artist Marine making signs for things that already have signs.

At this point make boot camp work from home.

Some military memes are just so true. Who do you think you are demanding people minding their own business to prove themselves to some random idiot? What are you going to do? Improve my disability rating? GTFO. If you want to know if somebody is a Marine go to a random bar and they'll tell you. I promise they will tell you about Wagner and the thing he loves.

Next up: Only beans MRE.

It's a meritorious demotion, yay!

This is how we demilitarize the Hermit Kingdom.

Air Force: E6 said they didn't get promoted yet
Marines: You guys get promoted?

You have duty.

Leave denied so we can be more of a family.

Gunny been mad sus since he got promoted.


One day all Corps will be old Corps.

The buzzer with the vacuum...I can smell and hear this picture.

Put your DD-214s in the air like you don't care!


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