Why you should be at the Military Influencer Conference

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military influencer conference

Photo courtesy of Military Influencer Conference.

If you’ve been around the military space for any length of time in recent years, you’ve absolutely heard of the Military Influencer Conference. Though the global pandemic put its epicness on hold for three years – its back and better than ever. There may be a number of in-person events which tout their greatness, MIC is different.

Here’s why you should be at the Military Influencer Conference

Networking on the Next Level

Relationship building is key to successful scaling and although many conferences offer opportunities for promised engaging networking time in between workshops or speakers, MIC does it better. Each day is strategically planned to offer something for everyone while ensuring no one dies a slow death by power-point. The content is legit while providing added value and the built in time for networking is unmatched. 

Not Just Another MIC Session

Conferences are known for breakout sessions and workshops but while some can seem redundant, MIC continues to be innovative while tackling the unique needs of its community. There are no repeats, played out topics or endless slides. 

People You Have to Meet

There are speakers and then there are speakers. When attendees make the decision to dig into their wallets to attend an in-person event they deserve not only recognized names but messages which energize and encourage them to pursue whatever they’re passionate about. MIC intentionally ensures that each speaker not only adds incredible value but espoused a message that not only resonates but lights a fire. This year’s lineup includes Rob Riggle, Remi Adeleke, Todd Connors, Lakesha Cole, and so many more.

The After Dark Life is the Best

MIC after hours isn’t just the typical cheap drinks and overcooked appetizer stations. The relaunch includes comedy hours, A-list influencers sharing their inspiring stories and really good food and cocktails while you do it all. 

You’ll Make Friends for Life at MIC

If the pandemic taught us anything it’s that time waits for no one. All of the people you’ve zoom’d with over the years are finally in front of you to hug, build memories with and grow with. Even if you walk into MIC without knowing a soul, you’ll walk away with friends you’ve felt like you’ve known your whole life. 

Curtez Riggs has created more than a conference to invest in your professional or personal growth. It’s an experience which has the power to transform, reinvigorate and add just enough fun to make you start craving the next one. If you are feeling sad about missing MIC: The Relaunch – use that FOMO to book your tickets for 2023. You won’t regret it. 

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