Funniest military vehicle off-road fails

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Maneuvering military vehicles is tough. Everyone knows that. But it’s also kind of funny to watch a newbie try to drive on. Check out this video of the best military vehicle off-road fails.

Don’t have time to watch the video? Here are the highlights!

Water is a Truck’s Best Friend

At what point did this military truck think it was a good idea to drive through a muddy river? Maybe from the high vantage point of the driver’s seat, it looked like an easily passable puddle. Whoops.

This military vehicle makes the clear decision to go for a dip in the river. Who knew it would do so well driving underwater?

With big enough tires, some military vehicles can drive through puddles that will put them underwater and still make it out the other side without a hitch.

Who Says Hills are a Big Deal?

This big tough military vehicle thinks it can make it up a flight of stairs. Think again.

The dirt path wasn’t challenging enough for this military vehicle, so the driver decided to take things up a notch and drive through the side of the path underwater instead.

Driving up too steep of a hill, even an enormous and heavy military vehicle will pop a wheelie!

To call this tank an off-road vehicle is a bit of an understatement. It’s also an off-land vehicle, with barely any trouble navigating down a river. Impressive!

Drivers Just Can’t Stay Away from Water!

Apparently, the driver of this military truck had no problem driving straight into an icy river. Hope he had a wet suit on!

Was that a tank or a submarine that just emerged out of the river? These military vehicles are more all-terrain than they let on.

This tank seems like it literally turns into a boat when it enters deep water. Look at them cruise before arriving smoothly back on land and driving off.

When they called this tank all-terrain, they also meant it could easily drive over fallen trees.

If your wheels are big enough and your engine strong enough, you drive through a river like it ain’t no thang.

A small hill before a long puddle lets this tank make a long puddle look like a fun slip ‘n slide.

Is that a military truck or a turtle crawling through the mud?

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