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Watch are our favorite, cringeworthy vehicle fails

We've all been there. Sure, the vehicle looks easy enough to drive and then something happens, and OOPS! It's in a ditch.
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vehicle fails

We’ve all been there. Sure, the vehicle looks easy enough to drive and then something happens, and OOPS! It’s in a ditch. If you know what we’re talking about, then you’re going to love these funniest military vehicle fails.

Don’t have time to watch the whole video? Here are the highlights!

  • Oops! Someone forgot that tanks need to be driven with their tracks on the road, not in the air. First up is a tank flip while being driven onto a semi-trailer.  
  • We want to know who was at the controls for this next one. This tank gets a trophy for crashing in the slowest possible way. At a low speed, it veers off the right until it is off the road and starts smoking.
  • Haha, who thought this was a good idea? And when has a tank ever been able to fit into a civilian parking spot? Watch as this next tank tries to squeeze into a spot between too cars.
  • We’re willing to bet that anyone who’s ever maneuvered a tank has had this idea of crashing it into a pole. Check out how it rips right out of the ground and crashes!
  • This is why you always check the water levels before trying to drive over one. This tank driver obviously didn’t get that memo though because they drive it right into a deep puddle.
  • Crane versus tank – who’s going to win? A crane is pulling a tank upright, but someone forgot to use the parking brake, so when the tank gets onto its wheels, it starts rolling forward down a hill, dragging the crane with it.
  • This next clip is a great example of why mil drivers are great. Because even when things go off the rails, we always know how to get them back into control.
  • Never try to ride a camel that isn’t yours. ‘Nuff said.
  • Service members always go chasing after the wrong thing, don’t they? At least these guys are trying to catch a tire!
  • Pole 1. Tank 0. A tank driving down a city street rams into the curb then continues forward only to crash into a pole.
  • Who says you need to stop? This tank driver has decided that ramming another vehicle isn’t cause for anything except a celebration! Wonder what it’s like inside that tank during this crash.

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