10 memes for military couples spending Valentine’s Day apart

Deployments and other military separations make for a lot of days simply missing your loved one, but holidays can bring one an even deeper sting. Especially a holiday like Valentine’s Day. 

Since laughter is the best medicine, here are 10 memes we hope will make you laugh out loud and know you aren’t alone in this! Make sure you share with anyone you know spending Valentine’s away from their loved one. 

1. It’s all about having that right mindset people.

2. Those who can’t do, teach right?

3. Who says you can’t be with your Valentine this year?

4.They say love is blind, especially during a deployment.

5. We’d trade the flowers and chocolates for them in person ANY DAY

6. Every Military Spouse during a deployment, especially on Valentines Day

7. As long as the kids are already asleep

8.  Your Valentine’s Day playlist

9. The care package you want to send.

10. Sometimes the truth can hurt, or make us laugh.

We hope you’ve had a good laugh and can make the best out of today!