Military jargon in 10 amazing memes

If you know the language of the military, you know what we’re talking about. It’s basically a language all its own. Full of acronyms and nicknames that don’t make sense to the general public, there are entire strings of conversations that can go on including nothing but jargon. (And good luck to anyone not in the know.)  That’s where funny memes come in. From discussing ranks, daily situations, moves to everyday gear, jargon is a THING in the military. Take a look at these common memes discussing what it’s like to speak the language … and if you don’t.

Here is military jargon in 10 amazing memes

When there’s just a bunch of letters

acronyms meme

Not untrue. 

2. Sometimes you can’t shut it off … even when you want to

accidentally used military jargon

Stop, translate, re-state.

3. The point doesn’t always get across

not getting point across

But it’s a good time. 

4. When you accidentally teach civilians

civilians using military jargon

Make it stop.

5. Seriously though

civilian friends military jargon

Do you hear yourself? 

6. When you first joined and had no idea what was happening.

military jargon meme

The vocab keeps on coming.

7. Deciphering the code like…

navy slang

Wait, what? 

8. Then when you are lost and just stay silent.

marines eat crayons military jargon

Eventually it’ll all make sense.

9. The people who shorten everything

army lingo

You are so cool. 

10. It never stops

military jargon everywhere


Military jargon — in all branches — is a language all on its own, and once you learn it, it sticks with you for life. After all, it’s an earned right of passage. Take it with you and use it well!