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Celebrate Veterans Day by supporting these 10 veteran-owned businesses

Life after the military comes in many forms, including business ownership. This Veterans Day, let’s take a look at veteran-owned businesses.
A group of people standing around an American flag.
Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company.

Life after the military comes in many forms, including business ownership. This Veterans Day, let’s take a look at veteran-owned businesses and lend them our support. Take a look at this list of impressive vets and what they’ve built with their time after serving their country.

Celebrate Veterans Day by supporting these 10 veteran-owned businesses

1. Black Rifle Coffee Company

black rifle coffee company logo.

There are actually a TON of veteran-owned coffee brands, each of them roasting up some seriously delicious blends. It’s hard to choose just one company to support. However, BRCC is one that gives back to the veteran community in several ways. First, they donate a bag of coffee to deployed soldiers for every single bag of coffee that they sell, which is a lot. (More than 11.6 million to date). Next, they hire vets, collect donations to give directly to veteran charities, and more. They also develop special products to fund military-based programs, for instance, their Ready-to-Drink coffee campaign raised more than a half million to The Boot Campaign.

Black Rifle Coffee Company sells coffee by the bag, offers subscriptions, gift cards, or you can shop their merch to show your support. 

2. Combat Flip Flops

combat flip flops logo.

What better person to design a combat-ready flip-flop than someone who’s been there? Ok, you probably don’t ACTUALLY want to wear these sandals to battle, but the point is, they’re pretty darn tough. The company started with durable, comfortable flip-flops, and evolved from there. Today they make boots, everyday shoes, clothing, and accessories like patches, and straps so their sandals can be worn by amputees. 

They also hire veterans, drive to end violence, and have created a charity that provides injured vets with adaptive surfing equipment, One More Wave.

3. GRIZZLY Cookware

GRIZZLY cookware logo.

It’s cast iron re-imagined. This veteran and woman-owned company made a chance to the OG cast iron skillet by adding a layer of nickel. This allows the cookware to remain sturdier and to be easier cleaned, without losing its flavor. It won’t rust, either. The company also sells high-quality outdoor cooking accessories, like cherry wood spoons and leather grip handles. Each piece is also 100% made in the United States. 

GRIZZLY stays true to its veteran roots by hiring fellow vets. Their website says they work continually to find meaningful ways to give back to their community. 

4. The Skirted Soldier

the skirted soldier logo.

We started with coffee, now it’s time for a cup of tea. This female, veteran-owned company sources its teas to as military-friendly as it gets. Everything from their employees, their suppliers, and their growers are veterans, whenever possible. They work with coops and community farms to source high-quality loose-leaf tea, which is then packaged and shipped by fellow vets. With more than 50 locations, the brand donates 10% of its proceeds to female veteran organizations in the U.S. 

5. Ziv Products

ziv products logo.

Straight from Texas, Ziv Products is owned by a veteran duo that cultivates and sells 100% organic beard, hair, and skincare products. Using essential oils that promote hair growth and skin health, the company sells beard oil, scalp balm, body butter, and more. The brand was founded by a husband-wife duo and based off personal skincare needs. All items are handmade to target various skincare issues, such as rashes or hair loss. 

6. The Jewelry Republic

the jewelry republic logo.

Known as the Veteran’s Jeweler, The Jewelry Republic offers custom pieces for men and women alike. They offer a selection of branch rings or those that can be customized based on a specific branch, unit, etc. Adjustable bracelets are also available by branch, while pre-made designs can be ordered for any occasion, including necklaces and earrings. 

In addition to their veteran roots, the company partners with the Rosie Network and Racing for Heroes to help give back to the military community.

7. WILCO Supply

Based out of Alaska, this company is all about getting what you need and nothing else. Their minimalist approach to design has brought an entire line of military-approved items to market, bringing function to the everyday uniform of military members. (And veterans who love tradition.) 

Founded by a Reservist and military spouse, the brand creates all-black bags for any occasion. Gloves, wallets, cross-body bags, and more are all available on the website. Plus, jewelry that’s also military-compliant. The brand also purchases and sells from companies that are veteran-owned and employ veterans to create their bags and other accessories. 

8. Rumi Spice

rumi spice logo.

Michelin-quality spices are sourced directly from Afghanistan, thanks to this veteran-owned business. Rated as “better than organic” and boasting the world’s best flavors, the company helps support the rural economy by working with small farmers, who make up 80% of the country’s economy. 

Rumi Spice offers gift sets, single flavors like saffron seasoned salt or Ethiopian Berbere, to entire kitchen sets. Wholesale options are also available, and the website is full of recipes to help customers best use their new flavors. 

9. Sword & Plough

sword & plough logo.

You’ve seen upcycling, and then there’s Sword & Plough’s method. The brand takes surplus military materials and turns them into incredible bags, fashionable ones you would never guess were made with Uncle Sam’s leftovers. What makes the company even more special is its founders’ commitment to the military. The sister duo not only served themselves but grew up in a military family and spent time at West Point. 

Every aspect of the business is completely thought through, from the name – an old saying to use military resources to make something peaceful – to their process, employing veterans, to helping reduce waste, and then donating 10% of their profits to other veteran organizations. 

10. Frag Out Flavor 

frag out flavor logo.

Founded by a combat veteran, Frag Out Flavor comes from the want to bring people together for good, and a lifelong love of BBQ. The company’s creator brought his love of food and entertaining together by creating detailed flavor profiles to share with the masses, and Frag Out Flavor was born. He also talks about how the business was an outlet for his PTSD and adjusting to no longer having the brotherhood that came from military life. 

Today, those efforts go toward continuing to build the business so it can give back to the veteran community and other organizations. Users can purchase packs of rub flavors in various sizes or buy a single bottle to donate to troops stationed away from home.