New app connects vets with the benefits they deserve

Todd Ernst
Feb 14, 2024 12:02 PM PST
Reviewed byTessa Robinson
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soldier looks at cell phone with his dad

U.S. Army Reserve photo by Master. Sgt. Ryan Matson, 652nd Regional Support Group


Understanding what benefits you’re entitled to as a veteran can be a little daunting. One USAF veteran wanted to change that. Introducing MyVetBENEFITS.

If you've served in the military, or know someone who has, chances are you've been frustrated about the mystical world of military benefits. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack, except the haystack is the size of Texas and the needle is a specific form in triplicate.

Enter MyVetBENEFITS, the superhero app we've all been waiting for. Forget the endless, soul-sucking internet searches. With MyVetBENEFITS, you're just a few taps away from uncovering the benefits that Uncle Sam’s been hiding from you.

What's MyVetBENEFITS, you ask? Picture a magical genie, but instead of granting wishes, it spits out benefits you probably didn't know existed. It's a mobile app and website that's smarter than your average five-star general. Just answer a few questions, like "Did you ever leap out of a plane while eating MREs?" and boom, you're matched with benefits faster than you can say, "Hooah!"

MyVetBenefits app. Photo: Todd Ernst

Who can use it? If you wore the uniform or have a family member who has, this app is for you. Graduating from basic training? Check. Transitioning to civilian life and already missing the 4 a.m. wake-up calls? Check. A veteran looking for some well-deserved perks? Double-check. Even caregivers can use it to uncover benefits for veterans too busy reminiscing about the good ole days.

Where to find this magical app? It's lurking in the usual spots - the App Store, Google Play, or hiding in plain sight at And because they know you're probably accessing it from a bunker or a submarine, your profile syncs across devices.

What's in store for you? A customized profile so accurate, it might just bring a tear to your drill sergeant's eye. The app creates a list of benefits tailored just for you, complete with where to claim them without getting lost in the bureaucratic jungle. State benefits in all 50 states – because let's face it, some states understand the military life better than others. And direct connections to organizations, so you can bypass the red tape and get straight to the good stuff.

Created by veterans and military spouses, MyVetBENEFITS understands the maze of military benefits because they've been there, got lost, and found the way out. Their motto? Serving in the military is tough enough, finding your benefits shouldn't be.

MyVetBENEFITS founder, Todd Ernst, with his family following his fini flight with the Air Force. Photo: Todd Ernst.

So, if you're ready to claim what's rightfully yours without getting flashbacks of boot camp, click HERE to learn more about MyVetBENEFITS. Your personal profile of benefits is just a few clicks away, and who knows, you might just find that needle in the haystack after all.


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