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11 veteran Instagram accounts you want to follow

There are dozens of veterans who’ve decided to use their military experience or passion to set up inspiring accounts for others in need. Whether it be advocating for veterans’ rights or sharing their efforts to enjoy life to the fullest, these 11 Instagram accounts are a staple for any veteran.

1. Veteran with a sign

This account offers both humor and inspiring messages, capturing veterans around the U.S create a simple message with nothing more than a piece of cardboard and a marker. Their goal is to promote change by forming a connection through the signs and giving veterans a voice. 

2. Bobby Henline 

Bobby Henline, a Desert Storm veteran, is a motivational speaker and comedian. Henline has faced every possible obstacle and survived. After re-enlisting after 9/11, Bobby was deployed to Iraq 3 times with the 82nd Airborne Division and 3rd Armored Cavalry regiment. Tragically, n 2007, Bobby’s Humvee was struck by a bomb; he was the only soldier to survive out of 5. Over 38% of Bobby’s body sustained burns, some of which were all the way to the bone.

After six months’ hospitalization and 40 surgeries, Bobby wound up having his left hand amputated. After such a life-altering experience, Bobby dedicated himself to demonstrating what it means to fight for life and finding the bright side to his challenges. He’s also the founder of the “Forging Forward” foundation that aims to help other recovering veterans. His Instagram includes clips from his standup shows and motivational speaking. 

3. Melissa Stockwell

Stockwell is a retired army officer and who became the first Iraq War veteran to qualify for the Paralympics in 2008. Since then, she has become a two-time Paralympic triathlete and swimmer, returning to the games in 2016 to win a bronze medal. Since then, Stockwell has become a mother, motivational speaker and author. Her Instagram includes her journeys in motherhood and sports, plus insights into her work with other wounded veterans. 

4. Noah Galloway 

Galloway is an Army veteran of the Iraq War. During active duty, he lost his left arm above the elbow and left leg, above the knee. Since exiting the army as an amputee, Galloway has become a father and made a career out of public speaking and his love for extreme sports. He has made various tv appearances talking on behalf of amputee veterans and even participated in Dancing with the Stars season 20.

He also founded the No Excuses charitable fund, which provides funds to various fitness and health initiatives for veterans and civilians alike. His Instagram account heavily reflects his commitment and emphasis on setting goals and focusing on the individual emotional and physical journey.

5. Veteran Ink

For those who love tattoos, Veteran Ink showcases the tattoos of veterans across the world. However, the account’s mission isn’t simply to put a spotlight on some genuinely impressive ink. It also addresses the cherished stories behind these mesmerizing works of art. The great thing is that any veteran and their meaningful tattoo has a chance at being featured on their page; all you need to do is post your own photo and tag them. 

6. Make the Connection

Make the Connection specializes in sharing the stories of veterans and the family members who support them. Their goal is to bring more insight, resources and solutions to veterans struggling with issues with their mental health, physical health and everyday lives. Each post showcases a unique and personal account of what an honored vet has experienced.

7. Veteran Solutions

This nonprofit advocacy organization, also known as VETS, has a mission to end veteran suicide, the rate of which has alarmingly and steadily increased over recent years. Their account provides useful information, research and other resources for veterans in search of support. Veteran Solutions posts statistics and new info almost every day, keeping their followers informed and aware- perfect for veterans and active-duty soldiers alike!

8. Black Veterans Project

The Black Veterans Project is a nonprofit organization focusing on equality for Black soldiers, sharing stories of achievement and progress in and out of the military. They also address the challenging topic of prejudice and discrimination. Their funding goes towards continuous research, legal action and educating the public about inequality. They post a variety of insightful statistics, spotlight guest-speakers and stories every week.

9. Derek Weida

Derek Weida is an Iraq War veteran who had the lower portion of his left leg shattered by a rapid-fire AK-47 during a nighttime raid. In spite of many surgical attempts to repair his leg, none were successful, forcing Weida to retire from military service. Today, Weida is incredibly open about his struggles following his injury. He fell into a deep state of depression and became suicidal. As he puts it, he felt like he’d lost his purpose.

To heal both his physical and emotional wounds, he dove into the world of athletic endurance events. Slowly but surely, he found himself again and regained a passion for living. Weida is now an icon in the fitness world and continues to compete. His feed includes inspirational stories about his recovery, details of his training process and an inside look at his fitness workshops. 

10. Military Humor Daily 

This account is all about laughs and high-quality memes for every military branch. Whether you’re a veteran looking to relive your service duty days or just hoping to find some relatable military insider jokes, this is the military humor account for you. 

11. Military History

For a history buff, this is one of the best military Instagram accounts out there. Military History regularly posts incredible tidbits of history including amazingly detailed and often colorized photos from the Civil War, World War 1, World War 2, and the Vietnam War. They’ve managed to build an intricate gallery that will have you browsing for hours. 

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