This Army Reserve holiday short film is the hug we all need

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In the heartwarming holiday short film, “The Voicemail,” mom is a military doctor mobilized stateside to assist with pandemic relief, and all Emma wants is to have her mom home for the holidays.

The Army Medical Department is one of the largest comprehensive health care systems in the country. Their mission is straightforward: To provide world-class care to the soldiers and families of the Army, whenever and where in the world that care is needed.

As far back as 1908, the Army Medical Department has been at the forefront of utilizing technology and equipment that support the Army’s changing military medical needs. They continue to use cutting-edge equipment at their many state-of-the-art facilities throughout the country and around the world. These facilities include world renowned medical centers, small hospitals and clinics. Even their remote settings offer high-tech care.

While the Army Reserve may often be forgotten, their sacrifices should always be remembered, especially during the holiday season.