17 Troops Wrapping Ammo Around Themselves Like They're Mr. T

iaintgettingonnoplaneI pity the fool!

The extremely photogenic Marine trying to be the next Rambo.

These soldiers broing out with matching 25mm ammo rounds.


Photo: mob mob

This Afghan cop whose way too good looking to show his face.

2 troop wrapped in ammo belts


 The soldier who got ditched by his squad.


Photo: Wikimedia

This soldier whose belt is long enough to jump rope with.

  The soldier who finally gets to have a turn on the 240. YES!

10 Indiana Guard combat engineers train for deployment


 This Afghan soldier picking out his best Rambo pose.

11 Reserve Airmen Establish Combat Camera Operations in Southern Afghanistan


These soldiers accessorizing before joining the Siege of Leningrad.


Photo: Doug Banks

 The admin soldier  who doesn’t skip a photo op.


Photo: Histomil

The guy with a hero complex.

12 troop wrapped in ammo belts

Photo: Histomil

The soldier who wants to play something else besides war.

15 troop wrapped in ammo belts

Photo: Wikimedia

No one is big enough to wear a vulcan cannon ammo belt.

These grunts with a mess on their hands.

18 troop wrapped in ammo belts

Photo: Nicholas Fields

 The soldier who washes and dries his ammo belts.

19 troop wrapped in ammo belts

Photo: Judy Proctor

This lady showing off her belt collection.

23 troop wrapped in ammo belts

Photo: Belts Org

This guy who would rather play cowboys and indians.

24 troop wrapped in ammo belts

This guy who outdoes Mr. T.

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