How Duffel Blog's new war game can be yours

Duffel Blog, the wildly popular military satire site everybody knows and your Uncle Thomas doesn't entirely understand, is launching a hilarious new card game designed for veterans.

"WTF, Over?" is a prompt-and-response, "Cards Against Humanity"-style card game that uses Duffel Blog's unique, often risqué voice and style to create group fun or unit cohesion, appropriate for any barracks party or contact marriage reception. 

"We're confident we've put together an awesome and hilarious game that Duffel Blog fans and even civilians will love," says Duffel Blog founder and editor-in-chief Paul Szoldra. "This is the type of product that I hope will be packed in a soldier's ruck or placed into a Marine's wall locker at the barracks for a guaranteed fun time among service members and veterans alike."

Here are just a few of the prompts and responses:

• "ISIS just claimed responsibility for _____,"

• "Hillary Clinton's missing emails." 

• "banning chairs in the Air Force."

• "James Mattis, praise be unto his name."

• "deploying just to get away from the kids for a minute." 

• "downgrading the Pentagon to a square."

Since Duffel Blog doesn't have a rich uncle and their collective VA disability rating doesn't allow the Duffel Team to finance this all themselves, they're launching a Kickstarter to raise the money to get the boxes to their fans.

If you're interested in backing "WTF, Over?" while picking up a box (or three) of your own, you can donate anywhere from $5.00 to $150.00. Other prizes for backing the Duffel Box Kickstarter can get you t-shirts, a cameo in a Duffel Blog article, and more.

The new game comes in a partnership with War Games, LLC, which features a couple of Duffel Blog writers on staff. The two groups scoured Duffel Blog headlines and jokes, compiling the best of their work since the beginning.

So if you've been a fan of Duffel Blog for a long time, you're sure to relive some of your favorite jokes and one-liners from the best the publication has to offer. If you're somehow new to Duffel Blog, you're going to find more of the humor that caught your eye in the first place.

Duffel Blog and War Games, LLC are both veteran owned and operated. Your support for the "WTF, Over?" Duffel Box card game keeps America's funniest veterans in a job for that much longer.

Head on over to their Kickstarter.


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