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5 ways National University shows they understand what it means to be a veteran student

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Transitioning back to civilian life from active duty service can be difficult for veterans. Pursuing higher education can present additional problems when universities don’t understand the unique needs of veteran students.

Here are 5 ways that National University shows they do.

1. Founded by a Navy veteran

National University knows what it means to be a veteran because the school was founded by a veteran. In 1971, retired Navy Capt. David Chigos founded the university in San Diego, California. He established NU as a non-traditional university for working adults. With this in mind, NU is able to provide veteran students with the resources and support needed to work towards a degree after they leave active duty.

2. Year-round enrollment & monthly classes

One of the challenges for working adult students is time. If your service contract ends in March, you might have to wait a few months before you can start at a traditional university. However, National University offers year-round enrollment. Moreover, their four-week class structure allows veteran students to start sooner and finish one of their military-friendly degree programs faster.

3. Credit for military experience

A popular lifehack for higher education is to take general education courses at a community college and transfer the credits to another university to finish your degree. But what about all the skills you learned and schools you attended in the military? National University has you covered with their transfer-friendly degree programs to maximize your military training and experience and earn credit toward your degree.

4. Yellow Ribbon & Military-Friendly School

National University is a proud Yellow Ribbon school. The Yellow Ribbon Program helps students pay for tuition and fees the Post-9/11 GI Bill ® may not cover. Additionally, NU has been designated a Military-Friendly School Gold Level in the Private Offering Doctorate category for 2022-2023. The rating was assessed through an evaluation of both public and proprietary data gathered through the Military-Friendly Schools survey.

5. Dedicated support

With all of the resources available, it can be difficult for a veteran student to ensure everything is lined up before they begin their journey toward a degree. Luckily, National University has dedicated military enrollment advisors to help veteran students start on the right foot. Once enrolled, NU’s military benefits team, dedicated military support and tutoring services can help make sure that veteran students reach their goal of earning a degree.