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The complete post guide to Fort Stewart

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Fort Stewart Color Guard
The 3rd Infantry Division color guard salutes during a Bastille Day commemoration at the Alwyn Cashe Memorial Garden on Fort Stewart, Georgia, July 14, 2022.

Welcome to Fort Stewart, Georgia – the Army post you never thought you’d love. Okay, so you might not love it right away, but chances are by the time you’re ready to PCS again, you’ll look back at your time in Georgia fondly. Not only is the post known for its world-class training, but this is one of the DoD installations that prepares service members to deploy rapidly. Currently, the post is used as a training facility for field artillery, helicopter gunnery, tank, and small arms training. Read on to find out more about what to expect from this new duty installation. 


Post is named for Gen. Daniel Stewart, a veteran of both the Civil War and the War of 1812. Ft. Stewart is a rapid deployment installation so op-tempo is always high. Included in the post’s footprint is Hunter Army Airfield. Hunter is home to the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade, the 1/75th Ranger Regiment, and 3/160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR). 

As far as Ft. Stewart weather is concerned – it’s Georgia, so you know it’s going to be hot. In fact, you should expect a humid, subtropical climate. Long warm summers and very few cold days are the norm. In fact, the average temperature in July hovers about 80F and the average in December is around 50F. Most of the rainy season is between June and September. Thunderstorms are common and the area has been known to have a hurricane or two so be sure to pack your wet weather gear and your emergency prep supplies. 

Ft. Stewart Location

Ft. Stewart is located primarily in Liberty County and Bryan County, Georgia. The nearest city is Hinesville. Hinesville has a population of under 40,000 but it makes up for its small size with classic southern charm. The nearest major city is Savannah which is about 40 miles northeast of the installation. 

UH-60 at Fort Stewart
A UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, from the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade takes off from Fort Stewart. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Richard Wrigley 3rd ID, Public Affairs)


Greyhound offers bus service to the main gate. Once at the bus stop on Highway 84, turn right and follow the signs to Fort Stewart. 

Amtrak also offers train service to Jesup which is about 40 miles from the Ft. Stewart. 

If arriving by car, follow the signs from the airport to I-95 South. Then take the exit for GA Hwy 144 and stay on 144 through the post. Follow the signs to the Marne Reception Center.


When arriving in the Fort Stewart area by plane, the nearest major airport to Fort Stewart is the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. This rapport is about 26 miles from post. Expect it to take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to drive, depending on traffic. 

Brunswick Golden Isles Airport is about 40 miles from Ft. Stewart. It’s a convenient option to reach post. 

Gates and Hours

Ft. Stewart has 11 gates. Three of its gates are named for legendary soldiers who served with the 3rd Infantry Division for their bravery on the battlefield. Read more about World War I veteran Capt. Jesse Wooldridge, and Medal of Honor recipients Capt. Maurice “Footsie” Britt, who served in World War II and Cpl. Hiroshi H. “Hershey” Miyamura, who served in the Korean War here

CPT Jess Wooldridge Gate & Visitor Control Center, 24/7

Olmstead Drive, closed Saturday and Sunday, open 0500-1730 Monday through Friday

CPT Maurice Britt Gate, Monday – Sunday 0500 – 2100 

2ABCT Gate -2ABCT Main Ent/Vanguard Rd. and 144 East 24/7 

2ABCT (PT) Gate -Old Sunbury Rd. and 144 East, closed Saturday and Sunday, open 0500-1730 Monday through Friday

CPL Hiroshi Miymura Gate 24/7

West Gate-15th St., closed Saturday and Sunday, open 0500-1730 Monday through Friday

Commercial Gate, closed Saturday and Sunday, open 0500-1730 Monday through Friday

Commercial Gate 

Veterans Parkway, Monday – Sunday 0500 – 2100  

Wright Airfield Gate 24/7

Montgomery Gate (HAAF) & Visitor Control Center 24/7 

Rio Gate (HAAF) 24/7

Wilson Gate (HAAF), open 0600 – 1800 Monday – Sunday 

helicopter at Fort Stewart
A U.S. Army Chinook maneuvers from Hunter Army Airfield to Fort Stewart during a slingload mission in support of the 3rd Division Artillery, Nov. 6, 2016. (U.S. Army photo by Lt. Col. Brian J. Fickel)

Contacts at Ft. Stewart 24/7

Army Education Center (912) 767-8331

AER (Army Emergency Relief) (912) 767-5058

Auto Center (912) 767-3521

Beneficiary Counseling Assistance Coordinators (912) 435-6716

Chaplain and Religious Services (912) 767-5409

Child and Youth Registration and Referral (912) 767-2312

CDC (Child Development Center) (912) 767-1038

Commissary (912) 767-2076/2210

Dental Clinic (912) 767-8513/8309 

Deployment & Mobilization Support (912) 767-1257

Diamond Elementary School (912) 876-6094/8350 

DoD Schools District Superintendent (706) 545-8232

EFMP – Enrollment (912) 435-6965

Exchange (912) 876-2850

Family Advocacy Program (912) 767-2882

Finance Office (912) 767-9669

General Contact Information (912) 767-1411

Golf Course (912) 767-2370

Household Goods/Transportation Office (912) 767-2889

Housing Services Office (912) 767-4278

ID/CAC Card Processing (912) 767-4909

Information and Referral Services (912) 767-5058

Kessler Elementary School (912) 368-3598

Legal Services/JAG (912) 767-8809

Leisure Travel Services (912) 767-2841

Library (912) 767-2828

Loan Closet (912) 767-5058

Main ACS Family Center (912) 767-5058/5059

Military Clothing Sales (912) 368-4572

Murray Elementary School (912) 369-1576

MWR Outdoor Recreation (912) 435-8205

New Parent Support Program (912) 767-5058

Newman Fitness Center (912) 767-3031

Non-appropriated Funds (NAF) Human Resources (912) 767-5051

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic (912) 435-6248/6249

Personal Financial Management Services (912) 767-1257

Relocation Assistance Program (912) 767-5058

Retirement Services (912) 767-5013

School Age Care (912) 767-2635

School Liaison Officer (912) 767-6533

SKIES Unlimited – Instructional Programs (912) 767-3781

Soldier and Family Assistance Center (912) 435-9646

Spouse Education, Training and Careers (912) 767-1257

Temporary Lodging/Billeting (912) 369-6962

Transition Assistance Program (912) 767-2234

Travel Office (912) 877-6801

Unaccompanied Member Housing (912) 767-1377

VA Medical Center (912) 408-2900

Veterinary Services (912) 435-7387

Victim Advocate Services (912) 767-2882

Welcome Center (912) 767-8673

Winn Army Community Hospital (912) 435-6633

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC & WIC-O) (855) 262-7670

Youth Activity Center(912) 767-4491 

Mission and Units

Ft. Stewart’s host unit is the 3rd Infantry Division. Want to learn more about the 3rd ID? Check out why this division is called the “Rock of the Marne.” 

The U.S. Army Garrison Ft. Stewart organizes, directs, coordinates and controls garrison support and service activities. This includes overall management of the garrison workforce. The command is composed of numerous directorates and organizations responsible for the daily operation of post and Hunter Army Airfield. 

Major units include the 188th Infantry Brigade, the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, and the 1st Battalion, 41st Artillery. Additionally, the 1st Battalion, 64th Armor Regiment, the 1st Battalion, 9th Field Artillery, and the 385th Military Police Battalion are at post, among others. 

soldiers at Fort Stewart
Soldiers of the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team attend a ribbon cutting ceremony for the $306 million IBCT complex at Fort Stewart, Ga.

Ft. Stewart History

Ft. Stewart was established during WWII as an anti-aircraft artillery training center. In 1941, the army conducted the Carolina Maneuvers. This series of FTXs included over 350,000 troops alongside anti-aircraft units. Women Air Force Service Pilots towed live-fire targets to help train aces to deploy. 

The installation briefly closed after WWII but opened again at the start of the Korean War. Then, it was redesignated as the Army’s 3rd Artillery Anti-Aircraft Training Center. After the Korean War, the installation’s name changed to Ft. Stewart. 

In 1996 the 3rd Infantry Division was activated at Fort Stewart, which houses the unit to this day. In the 1990s and 21st century, Fort Stewart demonstrated its power projection capabilities by sending units to the Gulf War and the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters repeatedly. Most recently, several units short-noticed deployed to Hohenfels in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Things to Do Around Ft. Stewart

Because Ft. Stewart is so conveniently located to plenty of great destinations, beach weekends are within reach! You’re just a day’s drive away. Additionally, all the hiking and outdoor adventures you could want are right at your fingertips. Use this stop to get out there and learn more about the area’s history.            


Baymont by Wyndham Hinesville (912) 408-4444

Fairfield Inn and Suites, Hinesville (912) 876-2003

Hampton Inn Hinesville (912) 408-4444

Holiday Inn Express and Suites, Hinesville East (912) 877-5611

Travelodge by Wyndham Hinesville (912) 368-4146

Food Scene

Ft. Stewart is home to lots of exciting cuisines, since it’s located between Savannah and the Atlantic ocean. Southern-style foods feature heavily in the region as does all the seafood you could imagine. You’ll also find the usual chain restaurants near post. Of course, no posting to Georgia is complete without trying fried okay and fried chicken mac and cheese. You might also want to seek out some biscuits and gravy – but fair warning, they’re super addictive and breakfast won’t be the same without them. When it’s time for something sweet, reach for classic pecan or peach pie. You can’t go wrong with either choice. 

jobs at Fort Stewart
U.S. Army Sgt. Euleam Aviles, a wheeled vehicle mechanic assigned to 3rd Division Sustainment Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, attends the national job fair at Fort Stewart, Georgia, Aug. 18, 2022. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Jose Escamilla, 50th Public Affairs Detachment)


Nearby Savannah is known for its festivals. Be sure you check out the Savannah Music Festival. It’s the largest in George and offers music for all tastes. 

When you’re out and about, don’t miss out on the Telfair Museum of Art. It’s the south’s first public art museum, founded in 1833. There are three buildings on the campus and displays one of the country’s leading examples of English Regency architecture. 

There are lots of outdoor activity locations to explore nearby as well. Lake Mayer Park offers tennis courts, walking trails and lake access. Emmet Park has all the forest nature trails and paths your hiker-heart could ever want. Don’t forget plenty of water and your bug spray, too!

Ft. Stewart Housing

On post housing is owned and managed by Balfour Beatty Communities. There are over 3,200 residences available on post. Call the Housing Service Office  for current information, including an estimate on housing wait times.

If you and your family choose to live off post, there are several options all over the area. The HSO can help you find affordable, suitable housing and will provide a list of rentals and community information. 

Of course, all Soldiers E1-E4 and some E5s are required to live in the barracks. You will be assigned a room during in-processing. Rooms are shared with one other Soldier. Some married soldiers may be eligible to stay in barracks under certain circumstances. E4s are allowed to live off post with special permission. Ask your chain of command if this is an option. Keep in mind that though authorized to live off-post, some units require NCOs to live on post. Check with your chain of command. 

Schools Near Ft. Stewart

Mil-kids get to take advantage of three DoDEA schools embedded on post.  Parents must reside in family housing on post in order for children to attend. 

Nearly 1,400 students are enrolled in Ft. Stewart Schools. Unfortunately, there are no middle or high schools on the installation.

Children in grades 7-12 attend school in the local community. Bus transportation is provided depending on distance lived from school. The Liberty County School System has two high schools, three middle schools, and eight elementary schools. 

Talk with the School Liaison Office for more information including enrollment requirements and private school alternatives. 

Fort Stewart schools
Students at Murray Elementary School receive a welcome brief during a back-to-school celebration at Fort Stewart, Georgia, August 4, 2022. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Michael Udejiofor, 50th Public Affairs Detachment)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fort Stewart the largest military base?

Ft. Stewart is the largest Army post east of the Mississippi River. 

Does Fort Stewart have tanks?

Yes! The 3rd Infantry Division definitely has a lot of tanks. Here’s why tankers are so deadly. 

What city is Fort Stewart Army base in?

Ft. Stewart is in between Liberty and Bryan counties. The closest nearby city is Hinesville. 

What do they do at Fort Stewart?

Ft. Stewart is a rapid-deployment post, so there’s always a lot of training and preparedness drills going on.