This livestream of veteran-cirque spectacle ‘Diavolo’ will hit you hard


Support veteran programs and get inspired this December in a unique livestreamed experience. You may have heard of Diavolo from their phenomenal run on America’s Got Talent — but their veterans programs have also toured around the country, including the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. SOS: Signs of Strength is the latest iteration of Diavolo’s Veterans Project, which utilizes the company’s unique movement style as a tool to help restore military veterans’ physical, mental, and emotional strengths through movement workshops and public performances.

“After working with the military community for over six years, we realized that the philosophy of the movement for Diavolo is medicine for veterans,” shared Artistic Director Jaques Heim. “We are trying to restore the mental, emotional, and physical strength — and the commitment to self — found in the military.”


Filmed by 3-time Emmy winner Aaron Mendez and performed by a cast of military veterans and civilian dancers, the piece retraces the epic journey of a group of troops advancing through a landscape of battlegrounds, revealing how they face danger and meet adversity through individual feats of strength and resilience before finding unity and a sense of belonging that gives meaning to their personal sacrifice and service to the greater good.

In addition to heart pounding feats of physicality and flight, SOS: Signs of Strength features spoken word inspired by the veterans themselves and their experiences during service and beyond. No veteran could hear their stories and not find a reflection of themselves in them. From battle to loss to betrayals of the body and mind, the words are raw and universal.

“We are not trying to create an art piece here. We are using art so our veterans can find peace,” Heim distinguished. “SOS: Signs of Strength is intense and at times dangerous on purpose. When you put people in a state of survival, they come together stronger than ever, the same way the men and women of the armed forces experience it in service.”

Signs of Strength image captured by Lawrence K. Ho.

While Diavolo prides itself on death-defying live performances, this special event will be shared via livestream in order to inspire more people and raise funds to continue the program. Signs Of Strength has a run time of approximately 60 minutes, including a live, interactive Q&A with some of the veteran performers.

The debut online event will take place on Dec 22 at 5pm Pacific Time.