Top 5 best states to go fishing and hunting as a veteran

Ruddy Cano
Jan 7, 2022 11:16 AM PST
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(U.S. Marines Corps photo by Cpl. Hernan

(U.S. Marines Corps photo by Cpl. Hernan


According to statistical data, more than 18 million Americans were veterans in the recent past, accounting for almost 7% of…

According to statistical data, more than 18 million Americans were veterans in the recent past, accounting for almost 7% of the US civilian population. The majority of states in the United States provide veterans with state-specific amenities such as scholastic, tax, leisure and job programs to enhance their standard of living. Veterans residing in certain states may have more advantages than others regarding fishing and hunting. A state is termed the best for hunting and fishing if a considerable percentage of its population partakes in the activities and if public land is available for them.


Alaska has been awarded the best state for veterans and civilians to fish. The cold climate experienced in the region makes it hard for crops to grow, so most of Alaska’s residents engage in activities like fishing. While some people fish for recreation, Alaska residents fish for survival. Fishing more so is considered a crucial job and contributes to the state’s economic development. The waters in Alaska have plenty of fish species but are popular for the famous king salmon fish. Similarly, hunting is widely practiced since more than 90% of the state’s land is publicly owned. Alaska is home to large animals such as bears and moose, making hunting more enjoyable.

(U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Nate Littlejohn/Released)


Montana is popularly known for hunting because of the wide variety of animals to hunt and large pieces of public land. Hunting in Montana is so common that some local economies depend on it. Close to 20% of the state’s population engages in the sport. Fishing in Montana is also common as the freshwater lakes and streams harbor fish like trout. You’ll get a beautiful view of the mountains cascading around you while casting your line in the water, and you might even see some wildlife. Although not famous for fishing, Montana is a great fishing ground, and veterans should give it a shot.


Minnesota is among the best states for fishing and hunting. More than half a million residents of Minnesota have hunting licenses, and 8.2 million public land acres are dedicated to the sport. Hunting is an ancient culture practiced in Minnesota, from deer to bear. Similarly, swamp hunting is highly practiced since the state harbors more than ten thousand natural lakes. This means that Minnesota residents are fond of fishing.

(U.S. Air Force photo by Joel Martinez/Released)


Famous for its whitetail deer, Wisconsin has become a popular hunting place for veterans. With the thousands of game species and seven million acres of public land, licensed hunters enjoy the sport more than usual. Wisconsin residents love hunting as it has been their tradition for a long time. The state’s regulations on hunting are friendly and hospitable to all visitors, including veterans from different parts of the world. Additionally, Wisconsin is home to 15,000 lakes, perfect for fishing. As a veteran, you will enjoy fishing in Wisconsin without worrying about unfavorable regulations.


With more than 14% of the state’s public land and 2 million acres of private ground dedicated to hunting, veterans and civilians enjoy hunting in Pennsylvania. The state is ranked first for hunting as it has plenty of games, including turkey, waterfowl and elk. If you are a veteran who loves hunting, you need to visit Pennsylvania. Chances are, you will not want to go back to your usual spot because nothing compares to Pennsylvania hunting grounds. On the other hand, fishing is not so popular in Pennsylvania, but few of the residents engage in the activity. With the different variety of fish species and game in the state, you will enjoy your free time as a veteran like never before.


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