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Top 5 classic games that let you fight aliens

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Sci-fi games centered on fighting alien forces or alien invasions are pretty gripping and mind-blowing. There are plenty of games that allow you to have awesome intergalactic adventures and will enable you to explore the vastness of the universe. Here are a few games that let you fight aliens and are worth your time. These games will deliver fascinating fictional experiences from takeovers, killing bulbous-headed aliens, blowing up buildings and conquering alien armies from UFOs.

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is a sci-fi multiplayer online play-act game based on the Star Trek sequel. The game’s setting is 30 years after the occurrence of Star Trek: Nemesis. Players on Star Trek online are the captains of their ships where they can control the ship’s engineering, build an avatar, command a starship in space and encounter a variety of alien species. Players can also engage as alien species referred to as races, where each species has its innate traits and bonuses.

Cover art for Star Trek Online. (Wikipedia)

Alien Shooter

Alien Shooter is a thrilling sci-fi game that allows you to save the world from endless alien invasions. A teleportation gate is open and allows aliens to flood the world. The primary mission in the game is to eliminate all aliens across the game’s nine levels of increasing difficulty.

To do so, players have to use explosives and access teleports to conquer the aliens. They also have to destroy walls, reactivate power generators, and use stationary guns. Once the aliens have been eliminated, players can collect armor, health tokens, money and other loot from their adversaries. When proceeding from one level to another, players can purchase more powerful weapons and temporary upgrades such as body armor, live tokens and drones.

Cover art for Alien Shooter. (Wikipedia)

Xcom: UFO Defense

UFO Defense is a strategy masterpiece game with impeccable modern graphics where aliens invade the earth. In the game, a player gets to enjoy the thrill of two views, the Battlescape and the Geoscape. The player controls their team of specialists to build bases, gather materials and defend against the alien aggressors.

At the same time, players have to shoot down UFOs, investigate the UFO crash site and retrieve useful technology and weapons after combat with the aliens. As the game progresses, the player learns the technology used by the aliens and uses it to make weapons of equal capacity to conquer the aliens. What’s more exciting is that players can earn points for completing a level’s objectives and killing the aliens and, as a result, increase their stats.


Crysis 2 is a solo shooter game that is set in 2023 in New York City. In Crysis 2, the player plays the character Alcatraz, who is a Force Recon Marine. Multiple climatic disasters in the game have bombarded the world, and society is on the verge of disintegration. Still, aliens have invaded the earth with a mission of total annihilation of humankind. The aliens stalk the streets of New York, hunting down the city’s inhabitants.

Alcatraz wears the Nano suit that aids the player in saving humanity during the futuristic war, using the suit’s armor, power and stealth abilities. The player can adapt their combat skills by customizing the Nano suit to unlock various super-soldier abilities.

Cover art for Crysis 2. (Wikipedia)

Resistance: Fall Of Man

Resistance: Fall of Man is a video game set in 1951 that you can play in single-player, online multiplayer and co-op, multiplayer modes. The player engages the character sergeant Nathan Hale, who tries to drive out a mystical alien invasion from Britain with the human opposition soldiers. The aliens, known as the Chimera, infect all the humans with the Chimera virus. However, Hale ends up being a survivor despite having been vitiated with the virus. Instead, he gains Chimera’s characteristics: limited regeneration, yellow irises and increased metabolism. Hale uses his newly acquired power to continue his mission to drive out the aliens and deliver a secret weapon to Britain.