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These modern changes are making MilSpouse life easier

As social norms have changed, so have the expectations of military spouses. These modern changes are making MilSpouse life easier.
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There was a time when becoming a military spouse came with plenty of responsibilities of your own. Home cleanliness checks that included a white glove test, planning parties or events, and showing up dressed just so. However, as social norms have changed, especially for females, so have the expectations of military spouses. 

Now it’s common fare for both parties to share household duties, including the military member. Dress codes are far more lax, too, as are the expectations of social events. People simply have their own things going on, and traditions have been thrown to the wayside in more cases than ever.

Here are some modern changes that are making MilSpouse life easier

Making friends can be done online

Gone are the days of having to venture outside of the home to make new friends. Now MilSpouses can chat online with people in the same location as them. They can even find those with similar interests. Specific apps can also be used specifically for MilSpouses (rather than people looking for platonic friendship.) This is all thanks to technology, helping bring military spouses together from day one, even when arriving at a new duty station.

Smartphones and video calls

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Can you imagine your SO shipping off and the only way you’re able to reach them is through snail mail?! This was a common reality for soldiers and their other halves for decades. Thankfully, with the invention of smartphones, soldiers and sailors can easily video call their families and let them know they’re ok. Sure, there are still key details that can’t be discussed, but thankfully, they can easily keep in touch. 

Jobs and scholarship opportunities

Thanks to changing laws, it’s now illegal to dismiss an application due to frequent moves. In addition, there are countless programs dedicated to hiring military spouses and/or offering them scholarship funds, should they want to attend high-level learning opportunities. This has put those who prefer to work back in the economy, rather than stuck at home, even if they wish to be working. 

More social/volunteer opportunities

In most cases, military spouses are able to volunteer within their spouse’s branch of service. From helping with kids to throwing together parties, sorting through donations, etc., there are several ways to help keep busy (and build a resume), even when you’re new to an area. This is also great for military spouses who are in an area for a short time and may not want to land an official job. 


Online access

Anyone who has ever waited on hold for TRICARE knows just how important it is to be able to book appointments online. Sending doctors and nurses messages can also be extremely helpful, versus waiting for a call back for hours. Checking in at appointments has never been easier, either. Patients can check in, see wait times, and more, all from the convenience of their phone.