ICYMI: MilSpouseFest returns to Southern California for in-person events

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MilSpouseFest, the modern network for military spouses, was thrilled to return to the San Diego and Camp Pendleton area for its final in-person events of the year.

For the first time in two years, San Diego-area military families had the opportunity to participate in MSF’s programming in person. Presented by USAA, the sessions were geared towards helping spouses focus on what’s important to them, igniting their passions, and making connections, which coincides with MSF’s theme of the year, “Unite and Ignite.”

Making a comeback to the MSF team as its newest director is Danya Devine, who is no stranger to MilSpouseFest. Devine was the former Key Account Manager when the brand was known as MilitaryOneClick, which then evolved into MilSpouseFest, where she then went on to run 22 of the largest military spouse events in the country.

“MilSpouseFest kicked off in 2016 with its first event being held in San Diego,” said Danya Devine. “It is an honor to be back on the MSF team and see the event return to the San Diego area.”

“Overall I really enjoyed the event,” said one event attendee. “As a seasoned spouse, I really enjoyed meeting newer military spouses. Community building is so critical for our mental health and social support. Thank you for hosting an in-person event. It’s so great to see us getting back to in-person!”

MilSpouseFest will host its final virtual events on November 15th and 17th centered around military family appreciation. The keynote speaker, Ashley Gutermuth, will share her story and entertain attendees with some laughs. MSF will also have a final MSF Cast on Military Family Mental Health on November 29th, where panelists can answer questions on mental health resources and more. RSVP here to attend any session.