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Feb 8, 2023 7:15 AM PST
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Who doesn’t love getting happy mail in their box? Whether you’re working with a PO box, a forwarded address or…

Who doesn’t love getting happy mail in their box? Whether you’re working with a PO box, a forwarded address or the fifth zip code you’ve had in two years, happy mail can help brighten even the roughest of days. That’s why any milspouse stationed across the globe can rejoice in getting news that’s tailored just for them. Written by and for military spouses, each publication is chalked full of stories of real life military families, funny stories, and tips and tricks

These military spouse-centric magazines are available for a mailbox near you.

Consider subscribing today!

With a name that’s straight to the point, Military Spouse Magazine is a monthly publication that features lifestyle stories on everything milspouse. Subscribe for your annual fulfillment, or talk to a location about getting bulk orders to hand out at a discounted price. Added resources are found on their website, including lists of military spouse owned businesses and military-friendly employers.

Covering spouses and families all in one swoop, Military Families Magazine is an online publication. Owned and operated by AmeriForce Media, MFM covers milspouse resources, stories, and more. Gain free access that’s delivered straight to your inbox.

Love history? Get a dose of in-depth articles covering all areas of the Civil War -- including what it was like to be a milspouse long ago -- with America’s Civil War Magazine. Published since 1987, users can cut straight to the daily features, or sign up for physical copies of the magazine. 

For the non-active duty spouses out there, check out Reserve and National Guard Magazine. The title covers stories involving military spouses, family members, and transitions into and out of the military -- as well as everything in between. Members themselves can order a bundle of free print magazines, or users can read online.

Military Influencer Magazine hit mailboxes for the first time in 2020 as a new title. A quarterly publication, it features big names and military members alike. Users can subscribe or read for free online with a simple registration. Each issue also features a “small business marketplace,” with military owned companies. 

Whether coming via the internet or as a physical copy, these military spouse friendly titles tell stories of real families and their journey between different duty stations, ranks, and more. As well as family-friendly resources to help and give back. Consider subscribing to these titles for a solid dose of entertainment and milspouse resources with each edition.

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