This Marine single-handedly cleared a rooftop in Fallujah

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Updated onOct 22, 2020
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Marine Corps photo


[brid video=”114058″ player=”7965″ title=”Mighty Minute PFC Adlesperger”]During the second battle of Fallujah, then-Marine 

During the second battle of Fallujah, then-Marine Pfc. Christopher Adlesperger singlehandedly cleared part of a house filled with insurgents in a heroic action that was recommended for the nation's highest military award.

Upon entering an insurgent-infested house in Fallujah on Nov. 10, 2004, Adlesperger pushed forward despite the death of his point man and the wounding of two others. Adlesperger, wounded in the face by grenade fragments, then single-handedly cleared a stairway and a rooftop, throwing grenades and shooting at insurgents while under blistering fire.

You can read the full account of what Adlesperger did that day here.