Find out your call sign and helmet design before you see Top Gun: Maverick

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tom cruise in action
"Maverick? Did your mother not like you or something?" (Paramount Pictures) Aerial filming was an intense process (Paramount Pictures)

Fighter pilots often use their call signs more than their real names. Whether its earned through a personality trait or an embarrassing story, a call sign becomes part of a pilot’s identity. Have you ever wondered what call sign you might have if you were a pilot? Wonder no more because Paramount Pictures and Top Gun: Maverick have released an online call sign generator that will tell you, without having to venture into the danger zone.

Use of the call sign generator requires camera access on your computer or smartphone. This is because it’s more than just a random generator. After entering your name and allowing camera access, you will be asked a series of questions to gauge your personality. Then, the program will generate your call sign and helmet and place it on you in VR. Turn your head a bit, strike a pose, and smile for the birdie. If you feel that your call sign and helmet don’t quite fit you, the program has the option to edit both.

We Are The Mighty’s very own Mark Harper:

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