The Russian military actually used this hilarious video to recruit paratroopers

Russia's paratroopers serve in the VDV, or vozdushno-desantnie voiska. Like America's airborne forces, the Russian VDV is considered elite and recruits soldiers from both within the Russian armed forces and from the civilian population.

But their tactics for doing so can be a little confusing. For instance, they created a commercial where your mom's ex-boyfriend sings about his clothes every minute or so:

GIF: Youtube/Beau Gabriel

When he's not doing that, he's watching large groups of men dance fight against imaginary enemies:

GIF: Youtube/Beau Gabriel

But the Russian paratroopers totally redeem themselves when they hop over fences while shooting their weapons and dash past explosions without turning to look at them:

GIF: Youtube/Beau Gabriel

See the full video below. For the truly hardcore fan, there's a 10-hour version on Youtube.