Best memes of the week to laugh at and forget about IRR

Although getting green-weenied on Individual Ready Reserve is no laughing matter, the memes have been fire.
Ruddy Cano Avatar

Getting recalled is something I would not wish upon my worst enemy. I would wish it upon my former platoon sergeant, though. F that guy, twice. Although getting green weenied on Individual Ready Reserve is no laughing matter, the memes have been fire. I’m not allowed to show my favorite one but the Squidward one below is a more PG version of it. Let’s just say a lot of YouTube channels got demonetized recently and leave it at that. To those who did not make it past their cut-off date and got dragged back kicking and screaming, I offer my sincere condolences – unless you were my former platoon sergeant. I hope you lose serialized gear, too.

Squidward meme

Uncle Sam is going to honor all that fine print. He’s goin’ get his.

Sponge Bob meme

At least you guys get a porthole. The Marines are berthed under the chow hall.

Now get ready for that E-5 and below working party.

Patrick from sponge bobs pictured on a stage

Say it in the comments and keep your bearing against all criticism.

IRR meme

We’re just going to give this dead horse one more beat down.

A chair covered in snow

You have to be a sturdy professional. Your junior troops will only freak out if you freak out.

I said somebody not everybody.

Just so we’re clear on how ancient this troop thinks his commander is, The Air Force was established on June 20, 1941. So, that officer looks older than that.

Supervising is the most important step in BAMCIS.

Yeah, high ASVAB your way out of this one, chairboy.

I lol’d because at least civilians like dogs.

Don’t run across the border as an American to a country that hates Americans to escape justice after committing a crime. They will always assume you are a spy anyway.

A teachable moment turned into a green weenie opportunity? Say no more!


What are you going to do? Not reenlist? Take a seat – without a bonus, too.

This is blasphemy only because it is not General Mattis, patron saint of the Marine Corps.

There are children who were born after 9/11 and fought in the war as adults.

I would call Marines animals but they’ll just take it as a compliment and start yelling in celebration. It’s sad ’cause it’s true.

We would also have accepted Hernandez. That’s at least a company-sized element.

Point towards enemy.