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Best military memes of the week to drink water and change your socks to

Best military memes of the week to drink water and change your socks to. Read them all here on WATM. Enjoy!
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military meme about IRR

Interestingly enough, the Air Force has made some recent announcements about changes to PCSing, SDAP, SRB and even decisions that affect the IRR. From a Marine’s perspective, it’s interesting to see what the future will hold for the Air Men. Will the Air Force be to the Space Force what the Marines are to the Navy in terms of funding and benefits? Will the Marine Corps ever have Space Marines in the Space Force? Contrary to popular belief, there are some smart ones among us, but they’re also smart enough to play dumb. Not me though — they sent me straight to operations when they found out I could read and do math. We’ve got the military memes to prove it.

All in all, the Marine Corps is popping some popcorn and settling in to observe how the Air Force reacts to no longer being the favorite of Uncle Sam – and it is glorious. We’re jealous of your chow halls; you can keep the rest of your fluttery stuff. It’s like if the branches were a TV high school sitcom, the Air Men’s whole shtick was that they were the smart kids because they got all A’s. The Space Force is the new kid in school who has all A’s in AP classes and have somehow infiltrated the popular kids even though they do not play sports. Marines are still the jocks cheating off of either nerd though, so everybody wins.

guardians military memes

I mean, they did ask you to join. You’ve never had a newborn in the family? Don’t you know the baby gets all the attention and love?

bang energy in the military

Now you are ready to post.

military awards meme

If I would have known it would have been socially acceptable to just hand my command my own written award package and they would have signed off on it to increase my ribbon salad on my chest, I would have. It’s still pretty sizable but would have been good to know. I’m not a ribbon chaser but there was much more credit due. Oh well.

military life meme

Change crush to girlfriend and this is every boot in the fleet.

IRR military memes

Oh, you thought reporting into IRR and getting that small paycheck was free money? When has Uncle Sam given you anything without a catch? They got you now, homie.

not allowed to PCS

“Rank has its privileges” ammirite?

military memes about back pain

Drink water and change your socks.

air education and training command

Well at least you get education and training. Marine NCOs have to learn via cave drawings.

mentoring airmen

Well, yes, but technically, no.

vmpf link

Not if you have wings on your rank.

military housing

Consider this a training for real-world civilian life. At least at the moment, you have some sort of support. When you’re out there’s not a lot of support. Build a foundation now because life does not get easier. You get tougher.

fighter squadron

Got to take the good with the bad.

space force military memes

We’re already heading in this direction with those budget cuts.

military dentists

Well, to be fair, have you been flossing enough? At all?

mre military memes

Well, what would this list be if it did not have a little toilet humor?

duty nco

“I am once again asking you for your support to stop all tomfoolery until I’m off duty.”

military memes about gear

Hit the comment section to prove you know what it is.

military memes about brooms

Well, to be fair, the company office gets cleaned twice a day. The barracks is constant because you have to keep grunts busy or they start setting each other on fire.

military memes about ear protection

I mean, you should have.

boot camp smell terminal lance

I didn’t realize how bad recruits smelled until I graduated and a platoon marched past my mother and I on family day.

history of the marine nco

Lol, no.